A Cold Bug Got Me For New Year

My throat felt off on New Year's Eve but I thought it may be just irritated because our furnace has been running almost nonstop.  It's been cold but not unusually so, nothing below -10C mostly around -6C at night but even that means our furnace runs every 10 minutes just to keep the house at 15C.  I think I may turn the heat down to 14C tonight.  All that blowing dry air wreaks havoc with my sinuses.  I wish our house had some kind of insulation other than just air between the walls.

Now I have a full on cold with annoying cough.  Last night I was so hot I actually had to lay with no covers on for awhile.  Must have been a pretty good fever going on.  I survived to try to make some tea and soup.  The husband is home but never actually tries to help.  When anyone is sick I always make sure they get lots of orange juice, soup, tea, toast and whatever healthy foods they like.  I also am always giving them glasses of water to make sure they keep hydrated.  When I'm sick I'm pretty  on my own. 

I remember one time when I had a horrible flu and lay in bed for almost two days.  No one bothered to bring me a drink or make sure I was okay.  By the time I managed to get out of bed I was so dehydrated I was dizzy and almost fell down.  If you are a mom just don't ever get sick unless you have loving family members around to take good care of you.  Me I'm on my own.

The snow is coming down and staying because it's been cold enough for it to stay.  The forecast says it's supposed to rain and warm up to above freezing for the next few days.  I hope it doesn't though because even though snow is a pain it's so pretty.  I can't imagine winter without snow even though I have lived on the coast where they don't get snow for winter.  Mostly just cold rain and gloom but I guess if you have to drive lots that would be better but I don't so I like my snow.

I really need to finish up my plan for the year but being sick has put me back.  I've had to lay down for a nap in the afternoon because I fall asleep sitting up.  At night I'm up all night coughing which could be the reason I'm falling asleep in the day.  I just want this cold gone.  I have so little energy even on a good day and add a nasty cold and I'm at a stand still.  No matter how I feel tomorrow I'm going to work on a couple of areas of my bedroom that got all messed up during Christmas when I have to hide presents under piles of clothes because I have no where else to put them.  Those clothes need to be reorganized and some wrapping paper needs to be put back in the dungeon/basement where spiders go to die.

I haven't gone into our basement in years because if I do I know I'm going to be upset and stressed out.  The husband has been tossing things down there for years and I'm not even sure what is down there anymore.  All I know is if I can't see it I can pretend it doesn't exist for now.  I'll tackle the basement when the weather is warm.  It's not really even a basement.  It use to be a dug out beneath our kitchen.  You can see where there was a trap door in the kitchen floor.  At some point someone made an entrance to the basement from the outside.  Most of the basement is dirt crawl space and in our very small basement we have our furnace and hot water tank too.  I wish it was a full basement, even an unfinished one would have given us enough storage to put in shelves and organize our stuff properly.  Not that we have that much stuff, just a normal amount just no closets in our house or space to put anything.

After my bedroom I'm doing a cupboard or shelf a day in the kitchen.  There is a lot of stuff shoved in the back of those cabinets that we need to get rid of plus they all need a good cleaning.  Lets just hope my back holds up or I can draft one of the kids to help me with any of the bending jobs.  The good thing is we don't have many cupboards or drawers in our kitchen so I should be able to get it all done.

Now if this cold would go away I could get going cause my brain is raring to go but my body is saying no.  How is everyone else doing with their New Year's plans?


Yes, there was a nasty bug going around over Christmas. Sorry it got you!
Birdie said…
Aw, I am sorry you are sick but more sorry that you don't have anyone to love on you and take care of you. Bundle up and keep your chest warm. Put socks on your feet. That is what I do for my family when they are sick. I would send soup and OJ if I could!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Debra. I'm the only one who's sick in our house so that's good cause there is no way I'm looking after anyone but myself right now.

Thanks Birdie. I hope your family are doting on you will you recuperate.

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