Mother's Day Good

I posted the last post before my kids made my day so much better.  Both were at work and hadn't given me anything so I thought that was pretty much they way it would be.  And to be clear I don't really care about bought gifts it's the thoughtful ones that I appreciate more, so spending a ton of money isn't necessary or wanted just a kind acknowledgement.   When I picked my son up he had bought a roast chicken for us to eat for supper so I didn't have to cook.  When the daughter got home from work she gave me a card and a Tim's gift card.  Later the daughter wanted to go get a McFlurry so I drove her and she bought me one too.

So even though some of my family were horrible my kids did save the day for me.  It's nice to have your kids show they love and appreciate you in any way.  I'm am so blessed to be a mom to two amazing young adults.


Awwww, that's sweet! They saved the day for you!
Birdie said…
Isn't it great when all that very hard work starts to show though. xo
Anonymous said…
I chanced upon your site after clicking on your name from a comment on Jenna Woginrich's Cold Antler Farm. (I am NOT a fan of hers....I got burnt from her more than once!) I read through many of your posts and want to tell you that you are such an excellent woman of the pen. I sense a feeling of hopelessness in your posts though. I don't have much advice (not that you are asking for any), but I do know that as mothers and women we can only control ourselves. What I'm getting at is that your life is not hopeless. Do maybe one thing for yourself? You seem to be an extremely intelligent woman, not a victim.

I'm just another female....will be sixty this summer and have learned that children and husband may control our thoughts and deeds and senses, but ultimately we have an inner core that is sacrisanct to ourselves. Take heart.
Sparkless said…
Thanks Debra and Birdie. I love those two kids so much that it makes my heart ache some days.

Anonymous, thanks for your comment. I use this blog as a safe place to vent my negative feelings. As women we are supposed to always be nice and happy and not have angry or unhappy feelings. By blogging my negative and positive feelings it helps me to work out things and it's always wonderful to have people chime in and add their valuable input. I'm not nearly as hopeless in real life as I sound on this blog or at least I hope not. You are so right that we are the only ones who control ourselves.
Anonymous said…
OK then. I feel much better about your situation. I thought about you all night 8-).

I hope you don't mind if I visit your site more often. ?

I'm off to church, then back to the farm. We are baling hay today.

I would hire you if you lived a bit closer to the US Midwest!
(I'll be AnonFarmer.)

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