I'm Doing Everything Wrong

That's the kind of day I'm having.  I'm sure we've all had them before.  Please tell me they go away soon cause I need to get on with doing stuff right, life is too short for all this wrong.


Birdie said…
Ah, we all have days, or weeks, where it *seems* we are doing everything wrong. Add in some post-Christmas blues, a cold and crappy weather and an argument with a loved one and it seems as if everything *is* wrong. I say grab a good book and read until you fall asleep. Sometimes a nap makes everything OK again.
Let's hope tomorrow is better!
Mama Pea said…
I think the best thing to do on days like that is to laugh (or try to, anyway) and not take it too seriously. If we let the ugly-buglies take hold of us it can really drag us down. Laughing and/or putting on the smiley face can actually make you feel better . . . even if you're just pretending at first. And it sure helps others around us! (You're probably being more than a little hard on yourself, too. No?)
Sparkless said…
Thanks ladies. I know we've all been there and had one of those days, weeks, years or whatever. I just hope that they happen less for us all because we are all pretty awesome and deserve to feel great.

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