2016 is Here!

A brand new year is here finally.  I can say goodbye to 2015 which was an okay year but not great.  I don't make resolutions but I do have plans.  I guess that's kind of the same thing but in my mind plans are more likely to happen than resolutions which are always dropped within a couple of months.

This year the daughter graduates high school so we have that celebration to do.  Somehow we'll have to find the money for a dress and all the stuff like shoes, hair, make-up not to mention gifts.  She's still not sure if she wants to go to school right away after but I'll convince her to at least apply to a few places so she has an option to go if she wants to.  So many wonderful big changes for her this year.

For the son I just hope he finds a job soon.  He can't keep sitting in his room all the time.  He's a great kid if he just had a bit more drive he'd have it all.  I keep reminding myself that things work themselves out over time and not to get too upset about things.

For me I am planning to overhaul the house.  I've got a plan bubbling away and have started to map out the plan.  I will have an area to work on every week.  If I can complete each area then by the spring I can tackle the storage locker and set up some shelves in our very small basement to organize things on.  I hate not being able to find stuff because it's in boxes all over the place because we don't have enough room to store anything in this house.  I'm not sure if we'll be able to get rid of the storage locker or not but I'm going to try.  We may be able to set the garage up better too so that we can store more in there although it's not really that great a place to store things other than garden items and plastic chairs. 

I am going to also make an appointment to see someone about the rosacea on my face.  It started out on one check but has grown and is now on the other cheek in a small patch.  I'm not even 100% sure that's what it is but most likely that's what it is and I know they can give you some antibiotics or something for it and do some laser treatments for it.  I'm tired of looking weird, it's bad enough to be old and fat I don't need to have some weird red patches on my face too.

I'll probably attempt to get more exercise and eat better which I do every year at this time.  By the time summer hits it's too hot to breathe here and all I want to do is lay down unless I'm right by the a/c.  That's usually when all my good health plans go out the window, when the weather gets hot.  Maybe this year won't be so hot and we'll be able to get our a/c fixed on our car.  One can always dream.

I have some more plans but I'm still working on when the best time would be to attempt them.  I need to carefully plan our finances and hopefully we don't have any major disasters so we can get some stuff done this year.

New Year's Eve was quiet.  The kids ended up in their bedrooms playing on their computers when the clock hit 12.  The husband had gone to bed but got up and came out to do the countdown with me which I had to stream live on my computer because we don't have cable tv.  Then pretty much everyone went to bed while I stayed up a bit longer and read a book.  Maybe next year we'll have a big party but it's always hard with two angsty teens to do anything.  One of them is always grumping about not wanting to watch that or do that.  So even thought I had treats, drinks, games and movies planned we only managed to watch on movie together before they both wandered away.

I really wanted to do the Polar Bear Plunge this year.  A bunch of people jump into the river and there are pretty good prizes for the people who registered.  I can never convince anyone to go with me and hold my towel even though it's not until 12pm in the afternoon.  They used to do it earlier but fewer people came so they made it at noon and the turnout is usually pretty good for our small town.  I'm thinking next year is my year for the Polar Bear Plunge.

I hope everyone else had a very Merry New Year and 2016 shapes up to be the year of your dreams.


Mama Pea said…
A great, upbeat post and kudos to you for all your solid plans. Your idea for working on the house one room each week sounds realistic and should show you good results. I know lots of folks make fun of first of the year resolutions (or plans or goals or whatever), but we all have to start somewhere and the first of a new year is a good spot! Keep us posted.
It's always good to start a new year with plans! I know some people with rosacea and they control it with a prescription facial cream, staying out of the sun and not drinking (all of which aggravate it terribly). So it IS possible to minimize its effects! May 2016 be a great year for you and your family, Sparkless!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea I actually love to organize stuff so at least my plans are ones I actually want to do.

Debra, I don't go in the sun and rarely drink any alcohol so that part is easy for me. And a very happy New Year to you and your family!

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