A Day in the Life

I hardly slept all night and was hoping I'd get to sleep in but alas that was not to be.  The phone jarred me out of a sound sleep at 7am and then cats wanting to be fed, having to go outside and my day had begun cause there was no way I could go back to sleep now when I was fully awake.

So I mentally adjusted my plans and thought I'd take a late shower and enjoy some quiet internet time.  Once again the phone interrupted my plans.  It was my mom phoning for some help with their driveway.  All that lovely snow we got is now fast melting and the snowplow had plowed the end of their driveway in with heavy ice balls.  They own a snowblower but you can't use it on that kind of snow.  So I woke up the son and we both threw on some clothes and off we drove to shovel all that heavy snow out of the end of their driveway so they could get their car out and make their afternoon appointment.  I have to say I did help a bit but 20 shovels of heavy snow defeated me and I ended up just breaking up the big chunks while the son did the majority of the heavy lifting.

After just over a half hour we were on our way home.  We didn't stay for a visit because we both needed a shower and the son had a job interview at 2pm plus I'm still just getting over my cold and didn't want to pass it on to them.  Plans were adjusted accordingly and we both managed to get a shower and get cleaned up in time to get to the son's job interview.

Because the son doesn't drive I had to drive him and I decided to just sit in the parking lot and wait for him rather than drive all the way home and wait for him to call me.  I didn't think he'd be much longer than 30 minutes.  I was wrong.  This employer did group interviews where they have all the people applying for jobs and a bunch of managers all shoved into a small room interviewing at the same time.  No one on one interviews plus it took almost 2 hours!!!!

I sat in the car for almost 2 hours waiting.  I kept thinking to myself that it can't be much longer but it was.  The daughter got home from school and kept texting me things like, what's for supper.  I told her I may die waiting in this parking lot and she better feed the cats.  I ended up just picking up some subs at Tim's on the way home for supper because not only was my body sore from trying to shovel heavy ice balls but also stiff from sitting for a long time in a cold car.

So that was 4 times I had to adjust my plans in one day.  I figure I rolled with the punches pretty well and deserved that bacon turkey club and cup of coffee.  How many times did you have to reorganize or adjust your plans today?


Birdie said…
Tonight is a good night to go to bed early! I don't envy you that snow. meh
Sparkless said…
Birdie, it is a good night to get into bed early. I can hear the rain outside making our snow a nasty slush. That's when I really don't like snow, when it melts.

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