The Weather

Has anyone talked about anything other than the weather lately?  I know for most people it's been a cold wet spring and for some it's heated up so hot so fast they are roasting.  We are the receiving end of a cool wet spring.  This means that my garden isn't growing as well as it could be.  It's still growing but not as quickly and if this wet weather keeps up rot will sure to set in and kill some of the plants.

As if the weather isn't bad enough I've caught a nasty cold from my daughter.  It used to be that the kids got sick and I nursed them through their illness and never got sick.  Now not only do I nurse them through their illnesses but I get sick too and usually much sicker than they got.  I'm not sure if this is a normal part of aging or I need to rethink my lifestyle and health options.  I just wish someone would go out and buy me some chicken noodle soup.  I'd even be happy with the dried packaged stuff.  The husband is at work and the kids won't go to the store for me.  I'm really too sick to go myself.  I feel like death.  My head feels like it's going to explode and I must have a temperature.  I'm coughing and my nose is running.  We ran out of tissues so now I have to use toilet paper which disintegrates after one blow and leaves bits on my face so I always have to check after blowing my nose or run the risk of having toilet paper stuck all over my face.

About all I'm able to manage is to make myself a cup of herbal tea.  I did eat a freezie and held it up against my face.  It felt so nice and cool and helped my sinuses a bit.  Ah well enough of my whining.

Not much has been going on here.  We have one almost ripe strawberry and that will be my harvest for the week other than some rhubarb.  I could cut some herbs and probably should cut and dry some peppermint for teas.  I think two of my rose bushes died from our unusually cold snap.  I really should cover them but we usually get snow so a cold snap doesn't bother them.  It's just when a cold snap comes and there is no snow that kills them.  I lost my wonderfully scented orange tea rose.  I loved the scent of that rose so much.  I'd bring one small bloom inside and it would scent the whole kitchen up.  There is some small grown at the base of the plant so I'm hoping it will come back but it's not growing very fast.  The yellow rose bush I put in last year died.  The other pink rose is hanging in but the leaves are now going yellow.  The last rose bush that was here when I moved here is still growing but I think most of that is suckers.  I have to get in and prune those back but I was so depressed after losing my rose bushes that I haven't the heart to prune back most of the red rose.  I doubt she will bloom.

The lavender bushes are doing well but they really would like some hot dry weather.  I need to get in and do a bit of shaping and pruning on them but haven't had enough dry weather to get to that too.  Killed my first black widow spider of the season.  Man I hate those things. 

The son has one more week of school and then he's off but the daughter has to go until June 29th.  They will have their grade 7 graduation party the evening before.  She has a beautiful dress but we haven't been able to find any shoes for her.  She has big feet!  I don't want to spend a fortune on a pair of shoes she most likely only wear once but we can't find any that fit properly.  I think she inherited my hard to fit feet.  I can rarely find shoes that fit properly.  Right now I only own a pair of running shoes, a pair of leather winter boots (leather is great cause it stretches to fit your foot) and a pair of cheap sandals.  I don't count slippers cause I don't wear those outside.  I'd like to own a comfy pair of walking shoes but I'll be darned if I can find anything that fits my foot.  Oh well I guess it's cheaper that way.

I don't have anything fun to blog about today and my brain is too foggy to think up anything witty to say so this will have to do.


Erin said…
Oh, I'm sorry you are sick - I just hate being sick! You are right, I notice I catch things from the kids that I never used to. That's nice that you are seeing strawberries, I procrastinated so long waiting for a cool picking day that now all our local fields are done for the season! I still have 4 jars of jam from last year thankfully, but there will be no fresh strawberry desserts for us this year. I'll have to wait for the blueberries, but they really aren't the same! Hope you find shoes for your daughter, you have a couple weeks yet, I'm sure it will work out at the last minute LOL!
:( So sorry you aren't feeling well! And you are right, toliet paper just doesn't do the job! Well not THAT job any way!

Hope you are feeling better SOON!
Sparkless said…
Erin, we don't have many strawberry plants but it's nice to get a handfull of fresh berries every so often. We have three blueberry bushes too but they aren't doing that well. We used to get a couple of tubs of blueberries off them now we are lucky to get one tub. I hope you are right and we'll find a pair of shoes for the daughter soon.

Apple Pie Gal, I stole the kleenex from my son's room and promised him I'd buy him another box soon. Thanks for the get well wishes.
judy said…
If I don't have a box for every 3rd room than the t.p. disappears -with all these kids ,someone always has a sniffle and I hate it when I catch because I used to be a smoker [ key word here used to be] but since than my cold last forever.

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