There seems to be a party going on  just across the corner and down a couple of houses from us.  We can see their backyard and the alley from our backyard.  I get that it's a party but why do men have to pee all over the place?  I'm sure the house has a bathroom and if they wait their turn they'd have no trouble using the toilet.  It's not a pretty sight to go out your back door to view some young man peeing in the alley in full daylight.  ICK!

It doesn't look like we are going to get any quiet tonight.  I turned the police scanner on my phone on to see if I can hear when the police make a visit to this party.  All these kids are outside in a very small yard and they are making a ton of noise.  Usually I don't mind when people have parties outside but when the boys start peeing in public I'm over it.

Our weather has been cool and mostly rainy with a bit of sun now and again.  I keep thinking big thunder storm is coming but it never makes it here.  Too bad cause I love a good thunder and lightening show.   The garden is slow growing and if the sun comes out tomorrow like it's supposed to I'll take a couple of pictures.  So far the only thing we can harvest are the herbs and a handful of strawberries.  I'm going to break down and buy some strawberries.  I already have a big flat of blueberries that I'm going to wash and freeze for later use. 
I've been trying to buy fruit when it's inexpensive and in season.  Then I try to store some of it for winter or fall use.  I'll buy more blueberries to fill up the freezer and put a few bags of strawberries in the freezer too.  I was thinking of making some raspberry cordial when the raspberries are ripe.  An easy way to make it is to buy vodka and mash up your raspberries and soak them in the vodka in the fridge for a week.  Strain and store your bottle in the fridge.  Use it with some soda water or in other mixed drinks or just sip it with ice.  It's so good!  I was thinking that since we got one of those ice shaver things I could make some shaved ice and then pour a bit of my raspberry cordial over it and sip when or if it ever gets hot this summer.
I want to can some cherries this year too and make salsa even if I do have to buy most of the ingredients.  And in the fall I'm going to buy a box of local apples and make some pies to freeze and apple sauce.  I want my empty freezer to be full of frozen fruits and berries so that we can eat something more than imported apples and bananas all winter.
Now if I could just figure out where my energy went I'd be good to go.


Mama Pea said…
I'm thinking a freezer full of the berries of summer will be a great thing to have this coming winter. Go for it! I really like your idea of making berry cordials, too. Mmmm, good!

P.S. Hope that "icky" party group has dispersed and gone home by now! :o\
judy said…
I hear you on the teen part scene-we have them next door as well,hard getting a good night sleep and eventually the police show up.these kids have had it bad. mom passed away and dad drank his-self to death so a 17&18 year-old need some guidance-we moved here after the fact so I didn't know the family. on the garden scene I wish someone would post prices for us novices so we don't get took at the farmers market. I went the other day and bought several varieties of berries. I THOUGH T A $1.00 WAS REASONABLE [ I KNOW THEY ARE NOT LOCAL YET BUT IT WAS A BETTER PRICE THAN THE GROCERY STORE]. IT WAS 1/2 PINT.
Erin said…
I'm with you, it's one thing if you are out hiking and camping, and you don't need to announce it to the world... but drunken stupidity is just plain ICK! We have a really nice single surfer guy who lives next door, but one night while he was at work (he's a bartender at the beach) about 3 or 4 of his friends were over here trying to get into his house, they were being loud and SICK next to my house (my window was open on that side) and after 5 minutes I had to yell out "are you SERIOUS"??? I think they were so drunk they thought it was a voice from heaven... what is wrong with people?

...the cordials sound amazing!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea the icky party group broke up around 1am thank goodness.

Judy that sounds like a very bad situation to be living next to. Most of the strawberries in the stores right now are from California. The price is $1.99 for a bit more than a pint. I bought a 32 oz container for $6.50. It's still cheaper than buying them already frozen plus we get to eat some of them fresh. I wish we lived near a farmers market but there aren't any farms in the mountains.

Erin I'd have done the same thing. ICK! Nasty guys puking so close to your house.

You are all invited over for raspberry cordial in about a month.

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