Sleep Overs Cancelled

Both my kids had sleep overs planned for tonight.  Unfortunately that stomach bug that's been going around got their friends too.  So my daughter didn't get to go over to her friends house and my son didn't get to have his friend over here.  Do I sound sad about it?  Nope, not even a little bit.  I hate having other kids sleep over here.  We don't have enough room for the four of us that live here never mind adding a few more kids.  That means more people in the line up for the bathroom and more noise that I have to put up with all night through our paper thin walls.  So I'm sad my kids are sad but happy for myself, yippee!

I went out with my sister and we did a bit more shopping.  Does it ever really end?  As soon as I think I'm done I remember someone I forgot about like my parents!  So I ordered them a nice gift basket full of all sorts of goodies.  I'll add some of my own baking and goodies to it making it an even more awesome basket from the inexpensive one I bought.  I got my nephew some things for his new house, just a few items as a token nothing expensive.  I only have the other nephew to get something for.  Most likely I'll get him a coffee mug and some coffee.  I even managed to get half my wrapping done today.

So things are almost ready for Christmas and I've got 7 days left to go.  Unfortunately the kids are off school now for two weeks and they put a serious cramp in me getting much done.  They always want to invite someone over and then I can't get anything done.  Or worse they need a ride somewhere and then I have to keep reminding myself that I have to pick them up.  I've had to set a timer so I'll remember or I get doing something and totally forget about them.  LOL!  No, it's never happened but it's come close so now I just set the timer to remind me.  Works for me and then I don't have to worry I'll forget or come late.

The husband is of course working lots.  Poor guy has to work through the nasty stomach bug going around where he works at the hospital.  I hope he stays well cause we all have to share a bathroom.  No one else here but me got sick with it so I'm thinking they have some strong immunity already.

Our snow is almost gone now except for the snowbanks.  I can see the grass on my front lawn which is pretty depressing.  Snow for Christmas around here has been pretty hit or miss for the last 10 years or so.  Some years we have it others not so much.  I remember when I was a kid there was always lots of snow at Christmas and we always went sledding on Christmas eve.  It was a great way to wear off all that excess energy from excitement and sweets.  We slept as soon as our heads hit the pillow we were so tired from walking up hills in all our snow gear.  I'll forever remember that snow pant swish, swish sound as we trudged up a steep bank pulling a sled behind us.

We've been waiting and waiting for another good year of snow so the kids and husband and I can enjoy a sled down the sewer road just like when I was a kid.  The sewer road is this steep road down to the sewage treatment plant and is perfect for sledding.  If you made it around the huge corner at the bottom and hit the gates at the bottom you had the perfect ride.  Most of the time you didn't make the corner and flew up over the snowbank into the bushes and crashed.  We never got hurt though just bruised and our stomachs hurt from laughing so much.  We knew when to roll off the sled if we were headed towards a tree and other kids knew to get out of the way of kids sledding down the road.  Now I see kids sledding and they are clueless.  They run over people and hit things and get hurt.  I've explained to my kids not to get in the way of people sledding down the hill and always watch behind you.  We always announced we were coming down so everyone knew to get out of the way until you passed by.  And if your sled was going too fast or out of control you knew to put your legs out and slow down or roll off the sled.  We never got hurt in all those years of unsupervised sledding.  I miss those days.


Mama Pea said…
I've got fond memories of sledding years ago, too. We did it on the city golf course, down one very wide and what seemed to us at the time, steep hill. I think it was more long than steep actually. You're right though. Even though sometimes the area would be VERY crowded, nobody got hurt.

P.S. I'm with you on those kids' sleep overs. Never liked 'em.
Erin said…
You are so right, snow was plentiful when we were kids in MN too, not so much now (although this year is an exception). We too, would sled at the country club (golf course) until we got yelled at LOL. Here, they made sledding illegal and you can get a ticket! Mostly because the only hill in the area is Mt. Trashmore, so named because it was a city dump that was transformed into a park many years ago - unfortunately people are stupid and reckless and now it's not allowed. Our house is much too small for sleepovers too, maybe I kind of like it that way?!!
Sparkless said…
Okay we need to bring back sledding and outlaw sleep overs!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
hi...i use a hot glue gun to attach the tinsel and then lots of hot glue to attach the ornaments. i hole them in place and press on them so they attach securely!
Mama Pea said…
Bring back sledding and outlaw sleep overs? Now there's one rule I'd vote for!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Jaz. I was having trouble making my wreath cause the bulbs kept getting all wobbly and hanging down on me. I'll use more glue and hold them tight and see how that works.

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