Finding Your Christmas Spirit

I know as I've gotten to be an adult it's become harder and harder each year to find my Christmas spirit.  Add kids into that and even though when they are little it's easy to see their Christmas wonder and enjoy it's still hard to find my own.  Now that my kids are teens and don't believe in Santa anymore a bit of the magic has been lost.

Usually I find that one night when everyone is in bed and I'm sitting out by the tv either reading or doing a craft I look up at the Christmas tree and  there it is, that feeling of joy and wonder.  And if it's snowing like mad outside and I put the fake fire dvd on the tv with the crackling sound on (that's as close to a real fire I can get), well WOW!  That feeling is like something out of a story.  It's hard to explain but it feels like what Christmas should feel like, all cozy, warm and loving.  Like that feeling you have when you are so happy and comfortable just before you fall asleep and know that life is good, it's like that.  And the twinkling lights and beautiful colors on the tree kind of mesmerize you and lull you into that in between sleep feeling like you've been drugged or had a couple of drinks. 

So getting the tree up and decorated is imperative for me to finding my Christmas spirit.  I don't seem to be able to find it without that tree.  Sure presents are good and family is nice and giving to others is wonderful but nothing compares to the tree.  My Christmas tree lulls me to sleep and sings to me about love and wonder.  That tree scents my  house with pine and fills my living room with the spirit of Christmas even though it's only 5feet tall and not very wide.  Such a small tree and kind of bare of branches like a Charlie Brown tree but she can still move this old lady to feel the magic of Christmas.

So thank you dear Christmas tree for giving your life so that I can feel wonder and joy and the spirit of Christmas.


Mama Pea said…
A truly lovely post. Thank you.

I managed to get the decorations up around the house yesterday but not the tree. As hubby and I were sitting for a short time before going to bed last night he commented on how nice the house looked and I said I needed the tree to make it all look right. Maybe by tonight . . .
Sparkless said…
I hope you get your tree up soon Mama Pea.

That tree picture is one from last year. This year's tree is going to look much the same but I'll take a picture of her when we get her up and post it before the kitten takes all the decorations off. LOL!
Erin said…
Yay for your tree! I'm the same way, I usually push my favorite chair next to the tree and love knitting there or reading after the kids go to bed. I share your love of the Fire DVD, my brother got me that about 5 years ago and I used it at our holiday dinner! Although before we got rid of the cable TV I noticed there was a channel that is the Yule Log channel during the holidays, all fire, all the time LOL!

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