I'm Behind!

I can't seem to get going.  I start and then get distracted by something and by the end of the day have accomplished nothing.  I do have most of my Christmas shopping done.  I would have gone out and done more today but our car got plowed in and there is no way I could shovel it out with my weak back.  I made the kid go out and take a wack at it and they moved enough snow away from the front of the car for me to be able to get the car out of the snowbank. 

We still haven't got our Christmas tree because the husband was too lazy to go on Saturday.  I think I'll take the kids myself and he'll miss out entirely.  It's something we love to do as a family but since he's left it so late I'm leaving him at the curb.

We'll put the tree up tonight and see how the kitten reacts before we decorate it.  We'll use some fishing line to tether the tree to the ceiling so the cat won't be able to knock the tree over.  Something we learned a long time ago and works when you have little kids too.  We also put the tree up on a table so the cat can't sit underneath it.  Plus that means we have room under the table to stash the presents and leaves us more space in our small living room.  We never can have a very big tree because we just don't have the room for one.

I want to get some baking done tonight and finish that dang hat!  I keep getting distracted by something or other and don't get around to finishing it.  It's not like it will take me long but I do have to sit down and do it.  I'm not sure if I'll give it away as a present or not because it may not be very 'pretty'.  Maybe the next hat I knit will be nice enough for a gift for someone.

It snowed an inch last night and then warmed up so that the snow is soft and mushy.  I wish it would just snow and keep on snowing.  I hate when the snow melts. 

I'm off to see if we can pop out to buy our Christmas tree.  I'll need to find some cords to tie down the trunk or maybe I'll stuff it in the back seat and let the kids walk home.  The place that sells the trees is just at a ballpark a few blocks from where we live.

Wish me luck in getting my rear in gear.


Mama Pea said…
I think the reason we feel so discomboobulated this time of year is that there is just TOO DANG MUCH TO DO! You're probably getting a lot more done than you're giving yourself credit for.

How 'bout sharing a picture of the hat you're going to finish any second now? Show and tell is always so much fun. (And gives the rest of us ideas!)

We've had our tree in the garage since last weekend but I can't seem to get it inside, up and decorated. Also the boxes of Christmas decorations are still stashed in corners here and there. Tomorrow maybe? I know I'd feel better if I got all that done.
Erin said…
I hope you ARE going out to get your tree today with the kids! Husbands are like that sometimes, the heck with him today, YOU NEED THIS to lift your spirits so go do it, girl! I can't tell you how many times hubby has rolled his eyes at my impatience to get our tree, it just doesn't appear on his radar at all. Probably because half his Christmases have been spent underway in a very hot part of the world LOL! Post a pic of your tree when you get it up!
Sparkless said…
If you scroll back a few post I posted a picture of the unfinished hat. I plan to finish it any day now. LOL!

The kids and I did get the Christmas tree and it is going up tomorrow night. The husband is home then but the son won't be. We asked the son if he cared if we decorated the tree without him cause if he did we'd wait until Sat. He's almost 15 and bless his heart said he didn't mind if we decorated the tree without him so tomorrow it is.

I kicked the husband's fanny into gear today and made him get his sister's gifts out in the mail and his mom's birthday present. And we got something for his mom and dad for Christmas too so we are all set to give those gifts to them when they come Sat.

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