I could write another vent but it would be entirely too long so I'll skip it and just say some people on this earth have no people skills and should be sent away to an island to enjoy people of their own kind.

The kids have started school and going on the second week.  They both seem happy with their teachers and classes.  So far no homework though and my son is known to procrastinate.  He's been warned and threatened by an  inch of his life so I hope this year will be better, at least a bit better.

The husband has been working lots the last week.  He is scheduled to work 5 days this week and 5 days next week so he's like a normal person!  He thinks he's so hard done by because he's working 40 hours a week instead of his usual 20-30.  I do feel a bit sorry for him though because he has to be at work at 6am which means he has to get up at 4:45am.  Yikes!

The weather has turned to Fall and it's wonderful!  We even took our kitchen a/c unit out of the window.  Too bad now we have to look into the neighbour's yard now and view their mess.  At least we get some fresh cool air from outside now.  The only other way to get air into the kitchen and living room is to open the front and back door cause there are no other windows that open.  Stupid house.

My 47th birthday is next week.  I have no idea what I would like as a gift.  The only thing I can think of is a bigger house.  My sister is taking me to see David Suzuki speak.  I'm so excited about that.   It's a once in a life time chance to have a name that big come anywhere near where I live and I'm so glad she is going and taking me too.  I have a wonderful big sister.  She always knows what to get me for my birthday.

So tonight after another horrendous board meeting I'm blogging and drinking a Smirnoff Ice.  I don't usually treat myself to drinks but tonight I needed one or two.  We all need a bit of help sometimes.

I've signed up for a beginner knitting class.  I know how to knit and Perl but that's about it.  I want to make hats, socks and maybe a sweater.  All I need to do is bring my needs and some wool and the teacher will attempt to show you how to do what project you want to as long as it's a beginner one.  There was a list of possible projects to pick and types of wool to buy so I'm all set.  It begins in October though so I'll have to wait until then.

I have nothing interesting to talk about tonight but I'm posting a picture for your enjoyments.

Here's a picture of our remodeled front porch.  All the wood is going to be painted a light grey color to match the stucco on the outside of the house.  A coat hanger will be hung on the wall and a small bench to put shoes in and sit on to put your shoes on will be added as soon as I can get someone to make it.  No more bedroom window looking out on the porch, thank goodness!


Erin said…
We can't open the windows yet during the day but at night it has been dipping into the 60's so relief is in sight in the way of a cheaper power bill! Good luck in your knitting class, sounds like fun! I have only been knitting since last Christmas and progress is slow, although with winter coming I'm sure I'll have more time to practice without the garden taking up all my time!
Sparkless said…
I just read my post and noticed a bunch of errors. Sheesh! I really shouldn't post things without checking them several times.

I hope your weather cools enough to open your windows Erin. When I finish a knitting project I'll post a picture.
Capital Mom said…
I hope you have a great time hearing David Suzuki! That should be interesting.

And good luck with your knitting class.
Sparkless said…
Thanks Capital Mom. If I can take any picture without looking like a fool I'll do so and post them.

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