Annual Christmas Vent

You knew this was coming didn't you?  You knew I was not going to stay quiet this year about it or maybe you just hoped I would.  I have tried but it's got to come out somewhere so here it is.  It's those Christmas trees.  Yup, those trees, the ones that aren't real trees.  It's like putting fake flowers in your home or worse fake plants.  You wouldn't do that would you?  I thought not.

And don't even try to say it's environmentally friendly cause I'm not buying that line.  That fake tree is made of metal and plastic that is mined and drilled for (remember BP and the Gulf coast?).  It doesn't go back to the earth when you throw it away because it starts to look tattty in a few years.

Ya, I hear you, you don't like those needles that real trees drop all over.  Fake ones do the same thing.  And don't you have a vacuum cleaner that you use?  Most people have hardwood floors now making it very easy to sweep up those offending needles and toss them outside where they naturally decompose.  You can't say the same for those plastic needles from your fake tree can you now, nope?

I hear you moaning about how long it takes to put lights on a real tree and your nice fake one has already got lights on it.  Come on do you really think it takes more than about 10 minutes to hang lights on a Christmas tree?  Unless you have a 10 foot tall Christmas tree that is 6 feet around and you have to use a ladder to reach the top you don't have an excuse!  It's 10 minutes of very light exercise here people not a 5 mile jog.

The best part about a real tree is that I don't have to store it all year.  I just put it out by the curb after Christmas and they pick it up to be mulched.  Plus the tree farms that grows these trees make jobs for people and add oxygen to the air thus making them an even bigger environmental bonus.  Have you ever seen a mine or worse a pit or strip mine where the metals from your fake tree were mined from?  Not a pretty sight nor an environmentally friendly one.  Mines or petroleum products do not make oxygen for us the breath but real trees do. 

Until someone can say that their fake tree was made from something that is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, that adds oxygen to the air and takes out carbon dioxide by poor people from a starving family then you don't have a good excuse for that fake Christmas tree and I know you need that 10 minutes of light stretching to hang those lights so get out there and get your REAL tree.  Don't make me have to say this all over again next Christmas!


Erin said…
This made me laugh! I DO have a fake tree, but I inherited it from a tenant that left it in the attic LOL. You are right, those things drop just as much stuff, and don't get me started on all the people I know complaining because their "pre-lit" tree's lights don't work after one season, so they get ANOTHER one. And then they spray fake tree smell full of who-know's-what kind of chemicals. I keep it around since in my dreams I have a house big enough for many trees and I can use it then LOL.

What I love about our area and real trees - after Christmas we drop them off at different sites at parks and such and they are taken and sunk into the Chesapeake Bay to help restore reefs and create fish habitat! Nothing beats the real thing, amen sister!
Erin said…
I also heard this morning on "The Today Show" that America's Group/Coalition/Whatever of Christmas tree farmers has hired the same firm for advertising and marketing that did the "Got Milk?" series of ads. They are hoping to increase sales of real trees and get people back to basics. This year they are suffering, but if they have as much success as the Milk campaign did, I bet next year they will see sales rise. I hope they take that "back to basics" approach, if that doesn't appeal to people then there must be something wrong with them!
Sparkless said…
I'm always shocked at how many people have fake trees now. Only good reasons to have a fake tree are real trees are too expensive where you live or you are allergic to trees.
We even try to put natural decorations on our tree now.

Pretty soon I'll be saying "when I was a kid we....." I feel old!
Mama Pea said…
Let's face it. So much of life today is artificial. I know that's sad to say but it's true. But you know what? There are a whole bunch of us who have a burning desire to go "back to basics" and we can and will make a difference! I truly believe we HAVE to in order for humans to survive.

Okay, now after that humbug of a downer, let's all sing a rousing chorus of Jingle Bells!
Sparkless said…
You are so right Mama Pea! I will make a difference by my choices and by my example.

I sometimes feel like I'm swimming against the current but then I come and read about what all my lovely blogger friends are doing and I feel all is right with the world again.

I'm singing jingle bells and O' Christmas tree too!

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