I've been so busy reading and commenting like a fiend on other people's blogs I've neglected to write in my own blog.  I think the more I read other people's blogs the less I feel like writing in mine.  I can't possibly be better than that person who has over 2000 followers or that person who can spin a story and make me laugh every time or even that person who's writing touches my spirit.  It makes me forget why I'm blogging in the first place.  It's not to be better than someone else and it's not to have a zillion followers it's cause I like to write.

When I was a kid I was sure I'd be a writer when I grew up.  I thought because I loved to read it meant I'd be a great writer.  Alas life had other plans and this will most likely be as close to being a writer as I'll ever get but I'm okay with that.  I don't have to live a dream out to have a great life.  I don't need adulation and kudos to have self worth, a little bit is good though.  I don't even have to have anything important or earth shattering to say I can just blog and get it all out. 

I've never had much luck writing in a journal.  I have so many beautiful bound journals.   I start them and then after a bit I stop.  A few years later I come back and shake my head that it's been so long since I last wrote in my journal.  But blogging is different.  Because you can allow perfect strangers to read your words it makes you want to write more often.  You feel a need to entertain those people, whom you don't know but read your blog.  And because you can stay anonymous it frees you to be honest in what you write. 

In my journals I always worried that if someone read it they would find out my deep dark secrets and use them against me somehow.  They would know something about me I didn't want to share with them so there was always a risk to keeping a written journal.  Where do you hide that journal?  Do you keep it locked up or leave it out for anyone to read?  And who are you writing in a journal to?  Are you writing for yourself or talking to an imagined person?

A blog on the other hand is so much more simple.  I'm writing cause I like to write, for people I don't know but who don't know me either.  These readers only get to know how much I'm willing to share.  If I wanted to write for myself I'd keep my blog private or write in a journal.  I kinda feel like I'm a published writer cause there are actual people who read my words.  It makes me want to improve my writing skills and keeps me thinking about stories and how to tell them on my blog.  That's what keeps me writing in my blog and not my journal.

Here's a couple of pictures from when I saw David Suzuki speak.

These are the hard benches we sat on to see David Suzuki speak. Very environmental don't you think?
This is a blurry image of David Suzuki speaking.  I couldn't use my flash so this was the best pic I got.


Erin said…
I absolutely agree! I always enjoyed writing growing up, but I would start a gazillion journals and get 10 pages in and stop. Maybe I thought "what's the point? Nobody is reading it!" Blogging is different, there are many different writing styles, but the fellow bloggers I have met all respect that and I find that the right audience with "show up" if they like it and those who don't keep on surfing elsewhere. I'm left with a few people who (I think) enjoy my writing and it just feels 'darn good' LOL! Being military and having kids living 1200 miles from home helps spur me on as well, I know the grandparents are reading and wanting photos. You are right about getting into reading others' blogs so much your own gets forgotten... I do that too sometimes!
Sparkless said…
I agree Erin. Even if only one other person likes what I write that's good enough for me. Even if no one likes what I write but reads my blog anyway I'm okay with that too. I don't expect to be a world known writer anymore but it's fun to write and enjoy other people's blogs.

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