Christmas is cancelled

My daughter is now sick with the stomach bug because she just had to have a sleep over at her friends house.  They just got over having this bug run through their entire family this past weekend.  Plus they aren't the cleanest people so most likely haven't even cleaned their bathrooms or washed their sheets yet.  sigh

The husband and son haven't had this yet so I'm sure being stuck in this shoe box of a house with only one bathroom will mean that everyone else will get it now.  We really can't afford DH not to go to work.

I really don't think we will celebrate Christmas anymore cause about half the time some is sick and it stresses me out.  Plus this house is too small for all of us to be stuck here together.  I'm already stressed out from having the kids home for a week.  There is no where for them to go and nothing to do in this house.  It's too dang small!!!  We have no money to move!!  I'm losing my mind!!!

Sorry, I'll try to hang onto my sanity and not whine so much.  I'm sure other's are experiencing things as bad or worse.  But thinking that doesn't really bring me any comfort cause then I feel badly for them and just as bad for myself.  Why do people tell you to think about others worse off then yourself when you feel bad?  It's a stupid thing to do and doesn't help at all.

I'd give my right arm to escape from this house right about now.  I'll be up all night cleaning up puke and tomorrow will be me just trying to stay awake long enough for the kids to go to bed.  I've done this round before with this sickness crap and I think next year I'm asking for a "sick free Christmas" and a bigger dang house with a bathroom for every person.  If I don't get it then Christmas is cancelled from now until I get a new house with lots of bathrooms.

We don't even have any food for Christmas supper so it will be sandwiches for me Christmas day.  But then I'm sure I won't feel much like eating after cleaning up puke all day and night.  I guess I'll just pass out vomit bags to the family for Christmas from now on.  It's one dang day of the year and almost half or more of them one of the kids is really sick.  It means I'm stuck at home with the kids and DH ends up taking a work shift, Merry Crapmiss to me!


Erin said…
I'm just now catching up on your posts since I got back - oh no! I hope everyone is feeling better by now.
Sparkless said…
Amazingly no one else got sick and the daughter wasn't as sick on Christmas even though she wasn't eating much she wasn't puking anymore. Poor kid.

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