Goodbye 2010 - Welcome 2011

I'll be glad to see 2010 off.  It wasn't a particularly great year for me.  Some good things happened and few not so good.  It just wasn't a banner year and I could use some really great things to happen.  So I'm looking forward to 2011.  Did you know the date of tomorrow is going to be 1/1/11?  Pretty fun hey?  I figure that's a beginning number if I ever saw one.

So the daughter is off to her birthday party sleep over.  A friend of hers has her birthday today so her mom and Aunt are having a sleep over with a bunch of 12/13 year old girls.  They'll have fun.  That means the hubby and son are home.  Those two guys won't want to do anything but eat junk and sit in front of the tv or computer screen.  Me I'd love to have done something that got me out of the house tonight.

I'm still working on my list and I think I'll leave it at 50 things because I can't think of 50 more.  LOL!  I feel old and worn out today. 

Here's hoping that wonderful things come your way in 2011, that you are happy celebrating with your loved ones and that I don't bore you too much with my blogging in 2011!  CHEERS!


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