Total Vent

If you aren't in the mood for a vent then stop reading now.  I am so frustrated today that I need to vent this somewhere or I'm gonna blow! 

Lets start with the husband.  He put some boards up on the porch to cover the old window opening that we enclosed.  The problem was he bought this bead board stuff that is really flimsy and is made to go flush against a wall or ceiling.  He didn't want to remove the stucco from the wall so instead he just put up these 1inch boards to attache the boards to.  This would make sense if this wasn't an outside wall.  We are going to have people leaning against or falling against that wall and those thin boards are not going to stand up to any force.  They will crack into the 1inch gap behind them.  Plus we have a coat hanger the needs to be attached to that wall.  I went out before the husband had finished putting up the boards and told him he needed to put another board behind them where he was going to put the coat hanger on because he wouldn't be able to attach the coat hanger to them.  Did he listen?  Nope.

Plus he wants to stain this wood a dark brown which makes no sense at all.  Our house is a light grey stucco.  Even any of the wood portions of the house are a light blue or grey color.  The porch has two big windows so anyone from the street can see into the porch.  If he stains those boards a dark color the porch is gonna stick out and look stupid.  I told him to paint the boards a light grey like the rest of the house so it will blend in.  The porch is uninsulated and unheated so the wall he put the boards on is really an outside wall.  He needs to paint the boards to give them some protection  from the damp.  But dumb ass thinks it looks fine unpainted.  UG!!!  Now on top of all the other things I have to do I have to paint the stupid porch because I have an idiot for a husband.

Like that isn't bad enough my son is having trouble with his schedule at school.  He's only in grade 9 for goodness sakes.  At the end of grade 8 the kids all see a counsellor and pick their electives.  They send a sheet home for the parents to see and sign that they agree and know what electives their child has picked.  But then the school messes up all the schedules.  My son is in a class he didn't pick and not in the one he did pick.  Unfortunately this all too common at this stupid school.  They are not encouraged to do much the first week of school so he's stuck in Drama when he should be in InfoTech.  So I have no idea how long it will take for this to be corrected but I'm damn sure not going to sit around and let this one pass.  This school needs a kick in the butt!  There is no reason to waste kids' time sitting in the wrong class and getting behind in the class or classes they are supposed to be in.  If the school would schedule a few days at the end of the year or the before classes begin then all of this could be worked out before the kids start school.  Doesn't that make more sense to you?  But no, that is not the way this school does things.

We have phoned the counsellor and left a message to make an appointment with him.  My son is incapable of doing anything for himself unfortunately he got too many stupid genes from his dad.  You can never actually speak to anyone and have to leave messages that are never returned.  My husband went up to the school but was told the counsellor was not there and he had to phone and get an appointment to see him.  Well that was a couple of days ago and we are still waiting to hear back.

So I shot off an email to the principle of this school.  What the heck are these people being paid for if they can't even get a simple schedule done up for our kids.  What kind of incompetent morons are working at these schools?  From what I've heard from other parents this is common that the kids schedules are not right.  One mom told me because some classes her son wanted were filled they just left two spaces in her son's schedule as blank!  It took my niece over a month to get her schedule fixed one year. 

And tomorrow I have a friend coming over for coffee.  This woman is a clean freak.  You should see my house!  It is a disaster, no really it is.  The husband was supposed to get a new part for the vacuum but hasn't and no one but him can make the thing work properly.  So I have to somehow vacuum the living room with no attachment on the vacuum.  I also have to make supper for the kids because the husband got called to work at the last minute.

I should have stayed in bed today!


Erin said…
Oh, am I glad I hopped over - love it! This particular post reminds me of what hubby and I call "divorce dust" - you know during any random remodel job all the squabbles that ensue? LOL, after 1 really good fight when I came home to find hubby sanding drywall with no plastic hung anywhere and dust everywhere we coined that term!

I just read a few posts and can't wait to get a few minutes to read back further. Your "total vent" reminds me of a post I did back in June:

heehee I think I shocked some of my readers with my "had it up to here vent" that day :)
Sparkless said…
Erin I like that term "divorce dust." LOL!
At least your hubby is a construction type guy my hubby DIY impaired. He can't fix anything on his own and messes up most of the things he attempts on his own. That's why I call my dad who is an engineer and can fix anything even if he's 72 years old.

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