Sad But True

I hate to tell you that there are still people out there who don't believe global warming is as bad as all that.  Tell that to a polar bear when the ice melts and he can't find any food because he can't hunt seals.  Tell that to farmers because the weather has gone wacko and their crops are failing. 

What puzzles me is that people use that idea to continue to sit on their rear ends and do nothing.  Even if global warming is not as dire as some scientists are saying there are still other huge problems going on.  I'm not saying the world is gonna end tomorrow but if you've heard the 59th minute analogy you'd be worried.  The earth is a closed system.  We can use a model to replicate population growth and the one some scientists have used is the test tube model.  We can estimate global population growth and use those numbers on our simulated test tube.  If we use bacteria as our human equivalent and population grows exponentially we'll see that the population of bacteria in the test tube is fine until the 59th minute.  Yet it's only half full at the 59th minute.  But after that minute the test tube is full and all the food is gone.  Are humans really going to wait until the 59th minute before they attempt to do anything about all the damage they've done to the environment?  Goodness I hope not because at the 59th minute it's too late!

I only hope that Nature is more forgiving and resilient than we know and people aren't as dumb as they were on Easter Island. 


Erin said…
It is unbelievable how people just want to subscribe to the theory that "it's not real" just so they won't have to do anything! Funny how outraged everyone was during the BP spill when it was active but as soon as it got capped people stop talking about it when the reality is that the damage won't even be apparent for a while, it sickens me. Have you started your knitting class yet? I'm planning on breaking out my basket tonight and seeing what horrible thing I can create LOL
Sparkless said…
My knitting class doesn't start until October. I can knit a bit, I can cast on, knit and perl and cast off but it's not pretty and I'd love to be able to follow a pattern to actually make something more involved than a scarf. I'm hoping to make some hats for winter.
Post pictures of what your create Erin. I'm sure they won't be horrible!
I so agree with what you've said. It's unfortunate that many would rather turn their head then to make some simple changes to their lifestyles for the better of our future.
Sue said…
My son's inlaws made it VERY CLEAR to us when we met them that only IDIOTS believe in global warming. Yea. we got off to a great start......not.

Of course, these freak rains and floods and storms that we've never had before aren't related, now are they? Hmmmm?

Such ignorance is scary. I find that those that do not believe that global warming is happening are usually not very literate or informed on most topics. Talk about sticking your head in the sand.
Sparkless said…
Staci even if I'm far from being a total environmentalist I do try and keep trying and that's the important part or at least that's what I think is the important part.

Sue, it sounds like you have your hands full with your son's inlaws.

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