Sick, sick, sick!

It started off with my parents returning from their trip to Mexico.  A few days later my dad comes down with a stomach virus.  It's only 2 days before we are having a family 50th wedding anniversary supper for them.  I suggest to my mom that we postpone it because even if dad is feeling better he'll still be infectious and he doesn't really want to give everyone a stomach bug.  No, my mom insists it will be fine.  She insists it's probably not even a stomach bug but food poisoning or he took too many meds for his leg injury.  He fell down a bank while in Mexico and hurt his leg.  Silly old people.

Thursday the dinner was wonderful and a good time was had by all.

Saturday 5 people including me were hit with the stomach bug.  Thanks Dad and Mom.  I told her to change the date.  I'm sure the other people who got sick didn't appreciate it either.  There were only 14 people at the dinner and 1 was my dad so 13 people and of that 5 got sick.  I'd say that's a pretty high transmission rate.  I'm just praying that my kids or husband doesn't get sick.  My husband doesn't get paid when he's sick so no work no pay and we can't afford that.

I'm on the mend but I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.  I almost went up to the ER because my lower back was hurting so much I thought I might have a kidney infection too.  I didn't have a temperature though so held off and today I am feeling better.  I don't know why I always get these stomach bugs now but the next time I hear someone was just sick with one I'm avoiding them like the plague, regardless of whether it is their 50th wedding party or not!

Why do people have to go out and pretend they have never been sick or worse go out when they are still sick?  All I can think of is how utterly rude that is to pass their germs on to everyone else.  Stay home in bed and rest for a few days after you feel better people, do the world a favour and keep your germs to yourself!


Erin said…
Well said! I hate that parents always send their sick kids to school so they won't have to miss work, then I get sick kids coming home and giving it to me!
Sparkless said…
That's another pet peeve of mine too Erin. Parents should make sure their kids stay home when they are sick and stay home enough to fully recuperate.
Mama Pea said…
So sorry you had to catch some bugs.

This past weekend I popped in to the Post Office to mail something and the clerk was so sick there was no way she should have been working. But there she was handing out stamps, receipts, change for payments, etc. Spreading her germs with abandonment. Why, why, why??

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