Where's My Cane?

I feel 100 years old today!  My hip started to do weird things yesterday afternoon.  I just turned a bit and pain shot up my body like fire!  And it felt like my hip was going to give way on me.  Sometimes it's okay but turn a bit and wow!  So sometimes I'm limping around in pain from my hip and sometimes it's fine.

Then today the top of my right hand is aching.  I have this weird little bump on it too.  It's not a bruise or anything.  When I move my index finger the bump moves too.  Very weird and painful.

I guess I'll need a cane or a wheelchair soon cause if this keeps up I'm gonna need one!

And kittens sure are funny when they chase flies in the house.  He's been stalking this poor fly for hours and I can't believe he hasn't caught him yet.  That fly doesn't stand a chance with our mighty hunter on the loose!

I added the cat picture after I posted this because she is just so darn cute.  Doesn't this picture make you want to pet her?


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