Explain This One

I've got a 14 year old, almost 15 year old son.  Well at that age they think about stuff, stuff I never bother with.  Then they bothers you with it.  sigh

So yesterday there was a commercial on tv about starving kids in Africa and how they won't have a Christmas so donate, you know the kind of commercial.  Anyway, he watches the commercial closely and then asks me if those Africans are Christians.  "No, I don't think so." says I, not really paying attention. 

"So why do they need Christmas then?" he asks.  "Like, if they aren't Christian then they don't celebrate Christmas so they aren't missing anything, right?"

Now I'm listening and thinking.  "Yes, that's probably right." says his dumbfounded mother. 

Now he's got me thinking about it and I'm thinking what if some other religious group started to give me stuff on their special holiday just because that's what they do?  They think everyone has to celebrate their holidays.  Of course there is the idea of giving to the less fortunate but that's supposed to be all year not just at Christmas.  Now I do understand this charity is using Christmas to get people to donate to their very worthy cause but they are doing it in a way that doesn't quite sit right with me.  Just cause you're poor doesn't mean you deserve to have another religion or culture shoved down your throat with toys.

I'm sure those poor people are thankful for any help that is given to them but when it comes with strings I think even Jesus would frown on that.  Buying converts with gifts has to be a bad thing right?  The more I think about it the more bothered I get.  So in keeping with the spirit of Christmas I'm stopping all thought on this matter until another time, full stop.


Erin said…
hmmmm, you make a very good point, or I should say your child does! I'm all for giving to charitable causes, but yes, I agree when those causes involve sending missionaries to "bring Christianity" or (insert whatever "strings" or religion here), then I don't believe the goal is truly to help humanity... food for thought! Must be why one of my favorite charities is for animals... nobody seems to be trying to convert them to anything LOL
Mama Pea said…
Sad to say but true, often times money given to these charities goes to pay the administrators of the organization in one way or another. How "Christian" is that?
Sparkless said…
The local SPCA is a favorite charity of mine too Erin. Can't go wrong or be non-PC helping animals.

Very true Mama Pea that a large portion of charity money goes to administration costs. That's one of the reasons I choose to give to local charities where I can at least see where and what my dontation does.

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