Conversations with my Teenage Son

Yesterday when I picked my son up from one of his friends houses.  Our conversation went something like this:

Me "Son you smell like BO. Did you put on deodorant today?"

Son "Yes, mom." eye rolls.

Me "Sniff your armpits cause you stink!"

Son lifts his arm, sniffs and says, "Smells like ass."

Me "Well you aren't supposed to stink like ass!"

Son "MOM! I said AXE, not ASS!!" He meant Axe deodorant that he uses.

Now I'm almost crying I'm laughing so hard and I actually have to pull the car over until I can stop laughing cause I really couldn't drive.  hee hee!


Erin said…
The Park Wife said…
OK that is HILARIOUS! I am dying laughing, can't stop.

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