David Suzuki Rocks!

This guy is 74 years old and still can enthrall an audience for an hour and a half.  He still has all the energy and spit he's always had.  I even managed to get one of his new books "The Legacy" signed by him.  I didn't do the uncool fan thing and get a picture with him cause I'm just not that uncool.  I tried to get a picture of him talking without using the flash cause taking flash pictures when someone is talking is just rude.  He actually had to tell people to stop taking flash photos until the end of his talk.  People are so stupid.

I especially loved the way he made sense of ideas, the way he made something boring interesting and relevant.  The message I heard from him was that we all have to change the way we view the world.  We have to stop putting the economy above the environment because we need the environment for our survival.  The economy is a man made thing and isn't alive with a mind of it's own that we have to worship.  We made the economy and we can change it anytime we choose but we can't do that with the environment.  The economy has failed us in the past so why do we continue to put so much faith in it whereas the environment gives us everything we need?

I'm not nearly as elegant with my words as he is but his message was clear.  Without the plants and trees there will be no oxygen.   Without oxygen there will be no water.  Without the plants and trees there will be no fuel to burn (fossil fuel is from animals, trees etc.).  Without oxygen there will be no animals.  Without the animals or plants there will be no food.  Without oxygen there can be no fire.  Without oxygen from our plants and trees we don't have food water or shelter.  Hmmmm do you see how important our environment is?

The earth is heating up.  The polar caps are melting.  Some 50,000 species of animals go extinct yearly.  There are dead zones in the oceans and huge swirling masses of plastic and garbage.  We have holes in our ozone.  Mining is polluting our water, exhaust is polluting our air, and we use the earth as our personal dump for all sorts of toxic waste.  We are literally shitting where we live.  Pollution knows no borders or country.  It goes where will.  If one country pollutes we all suffer.

What do we value?  Money.  If we can't put a price on it it has no value.  Think about your memories, priceless to you but worthless to someone else.  What about the difference between real estate and your home.  What's the difference between the two?  One is empty and the other is filled with people and memories.  Which would you prefer to live in?  It's the way we look at the world that is off.  We look at it like something to plunder for our own greed without thought to the consequences for future generations or for the animals and plants themselves.

He sent a call to action that many have heard in the past and hopefully many more will hear in the future from David himself or from the people that pick up our cause (I say "our" and not "his" cause because it is "our" cause, it is for every living thing on the earth now and in the future) and continue it for future generations because to do anything less is insanity.

Please check out his foundation website and if you feel so moved give a donation to help us all.



Erin said…
sounds like a very inspirational talk! I, too am disgusted by people's rudeness during such events. I'll have to check out the website
Sparkless said…
Thanks Erin it was a great birthday.

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