Happy New Year, I Think

Our Christmas was uneventful, thank goodness.  We had Christmas supper at my sisters house and visited with family.  It was nice.  I was a bit disappointed because I couldn't think of any great gifts to get anyone but that's how it goes some years.

We did get a snowy Christmas so that was good too.  Unfortunately the temps dropped to below what we normally get so it was a bit nippy.  That cold is still lingering and I hope it warms up soon cause I'm tired of being cold in my house even wearing extra layers.

New Year's was me alone.  Everyone was home but the daughter had to work early New Year's Day and the husband had to get up early to drive her so they both went to bed early.  She can drive but the roads are pretty bad so we don't want an inexperienced driver driving plus we only have the one car so if she ditches it we don't have another car to drive.  The son stayed in his room and played video games like he usually does.  I couldn't find any video of the ball dropping in NY which I usually love to watch.  I'm sure there was some online but I couldn't find it in time so it didn't really feel like New Year's Eve.

We had New Year's Day lunch at my parents house.  We were all laughing and talking about plumbing troubles.  Then later when we got home our toilet wouldn't flush.  The flusher handle wasn't working.  Lucky Walmart was still open and the husband bought another one.  Not so lucky that it didn't fit properly and he broke it trying to get it to fit.  That meant another rush out to Walmart to buy another one that wasn't going to fit but he bent it gently this time and got it to work.  Pretty sure it will break again soon but I can't afford a whole new toilet and our old one you can't really find proper parts for anymore. 

Then today the husband decided he was Mr. Fix-All-The-Things and decided to tackle the washing machine.  That agitator wasn't turning properly anymore.  Lucky for him he watched enough videos and knew how to fix it.  It was an easy inexpensive fix that even I could have done myself.  So now the washer is working better and we can flush the toilet.  Yup, you have to be grateful for every little thing cause we only have one toilet and the nearest laundromat is a 30 minute drive.

I am really hoping this bodes well for 2018 cause so far it's been pretty darn good.  We even have our tree down and everything cleaned up.  It feels like it's going to be a really good year and I hope it is for everyone else too.


Birdie said…
Our toilet is old too. It was installed when the house was built so it’s about 45 years old. We don’t want to replace it because new stuff always seems to break much sooner.
You sound content and happy and fhat makes me happy.

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