Trying My Best

This year I am trying to read more.  I used to read lots of books but not so much anymore.  I have a ton of books I must get to reading just so I can get them out of my house as they are starting to take over my living room shelves.  I just started this goal last month and so far have read four books. 

I read "Gone Feral" by Novella Carpenter.  It wasn't too bad but I've read one of her books already so I knew I'd like it.  It's about her quest to connect with her father.

The second one I read was "in a Dark, Dark Wood" by Ruth Ware.  It's a horror/ mystery book and wasn't too bad.  It jumped back and forth in time which always confuses me so not my fave writing style but was a clever story that had you guessing right till the end.

The third book was "The Witches of New York" by Ami McKay.  It was set in the early 1900's (I think, don't quote me on that) and didn't have the strongest story line but I liked it.  These two women have a tea shop where they sell fortunes and potions and a young girl comes to work for them.  There are ghosts and an evil preacher too of course.  I feel like there is going to be series of these books because it didn't quite feel like the story was finished.

The fourth book was "Sweetland" by Michael Crummey.  This is a story set on a remote Newfoundland Island called Sweetland.  The government buys everyone out because there are so few people left living on the island.  There is one hold out who's family the island is named for.  He's had an interesting life.  A bit slow going but a good read if you like those slow deep books.

I know this is a pretty eclectic selection of books but I pretty much read everything except for romance novels which I generally don't read.  I like to read different stuff.  My next book is called "Nod" by Adrian Barnes.  Adrian was born in Blackpool, moved to Vancouver in 1969, and he and his former wife raised their sons in Rossland, BC so not far from where I live.  That is what drew me to the book, because someone who used to live near here wrote it.  I'll give it a review of sorts when I'm done.

I'm also attempting to finish up my hat knitting project.  I have no excuses and just need to get on with it.  I'll post a picture when it's done or maybe half way through which ever takes my fancy.

And in the interest of getting out of the dang house more often we are spending our meager money on music concerts.  If someone we like comes to our small town we are going to scrape the funds up to go and see them.  So far the daughter and husband went to Shawn Hook.  He's a young singer who originally lived near here also.  The next concert is Serena Ryder who is another Canadian artist sort of pop music.  I think the daughter and I will see Serena (we can only afford two tickets so me and the husband take turns).  Then the husband and I are going to see the Downchild Blues Band  sometime in October.  I can't wait!  Our small town doesn't get top name performers but when we do it's great to support them.

Our town also does a music in the park series every Thursday  evening.  So we will be loading up our folding chairs and enjoying some live music in our park.  It looks like the line up for the summer is going to be a good one full of local performers and some bands who are traveling through.  There is nothing better than good live music and if it's free in the park on a beautiful summer evening then even better!

And the farmers market is starting up this Saturday.  They have a farmers market every second week so I need to get down and buy some locally grown goodies.  I've only been once before and it was great so I'm not sure why I haven't bothered to go again but if the weather cooperates I'll be there Sat.

So that's how I'm keeping busy this summer.  


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