Long Time No Posts

With all that we had gone through at Christmas I took a break from the blog.  Some posts are now private.  Life is still a bit of a struggle but it doesn't stop you from getting on with it.

Lets start with the weather, it's been wonderful.  Some days it's sunny and warm and others it's rainy and cool.  Pretty unsettled just like a normal spring.  Gardens are growing weeds like mad.  We haven't attempted to plant much this year.  We just don't have any money or energy for anything extra.

My computer is slowly dying, it's old and to be expected but frustrating none the less.  If I stop posting again it's most likely because my computer died entirely and posting on one of the kid's laptops is too much of a pain.  I hate trying to type on those laptops.  I guess I could plug in my keyboard but then it's getting to be too much bother just to post a boring update and let you all know nothing is new.

I had a list of things I was going to blog about but now I don't want to cause they sound too depressing.  So lets just say I'm alive and that's as good as can be expected right now.  Hope you all are doing fantastic!


Leigh said…
Well, it's nice to hear from you. A dying computer is always a bummer, no doubt about that. Hopefully it will last a good while yet.
Sparkless said…
Thanks Leigh. I'm going to try a reformat and see if that helps.

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