Sad Shock

I was saddened to learn that Robin Williams had died today.  What made it worse was to read that he may have committed suicide.   At 63 years old he was much to young to die.  He was only 12 years older than me!  That really hit home for me for some reason.

We see these people who live in the public eye and make movies and seem to have everything but they are just like us except for maybe having way more money than the average person.  I don't envy them the lifestyle though.  Who would want to be watched all the time and commented on in the press?  Not me that's for sure.  I'm hard enough on myself I can't imagine what it must feel like to have nasty things printed about you in the press or to be stalked by crazy people.

I have read that Robin had a problem with alcohol but that he was doing well and was going into rehab to do a bit of a refresher.  Sad to think he did all that and still felt like life was not worth living.  I'm sure his children and loved ones felt the opposite and are suffering horribly now.  I think we've all felt emotional pain that we thought would never go away and can empathize with feeling despair.  But to let despair take you away from your family and loved ones who would do anything to keep you from giving up is just so sad.

All you need do is reach out and there is always someone there to help you.  There are crisis lines, medical health people, friends, family, acquaintances and even complete strangers on the internet.  It takes the wind out of our sails to think you gave up when we were all there trying to help.  It makes us all feel like what we try to do is not good enough, that we can't help enough.  It makes us all look at life and how we relate to other people a bit differently.

My kids read about this tonight and had seen many of Robin's movies.  The story made them think about how money doesn't buy you happiness, good health or loved ones.  Success in your life doesn't necessarily equate to happiness although we hope it does it doesn't always.  I wanted to impress on both my kids that no matter what they were feeling or going through in life I would always be there for them in any way they needed me to be.  I would wrap my arms around them and remind them of how love feels.

And for any of you who feel despair and don't think life will ever improve know that life will get better if you just wait.  Patience and persistence always wins out over despair.  Hang on and let someone wrap their arms around you, feel the love and do not give in to despair ever!  Robin Williams gave us the gift of laughter from his work.  He made a lot of people smile and feel happy.  I only wish he could have done the same thing for himself.  RIP funny man Robin Williams you will be missed.


Yes, what a sad and tragic end to his life. Thanks for all the laughs, Robin Williams, and may you rest in peace.

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