I just saw there were 476 page views of this blog last month.  Now who the heck is reading this mind dribble?  I only have 8 followers so unless all 8 of them feel the need to obsessively read this blog over and over I'm wondering who is out there.  I never really thought anyone would read this blog. 

Thanks for reading all you anonymous people and to my 8 hard core subscribers, you are the best readers ever!   I'll try to be more amusing or at least spell correctly, but then again probably not gonna happen so just expect more of the same with a picture now and again for special fun.   Don't want to start making promises I can't keep to people I don't know.


Congrats on the pageviews! I'm sure you do have a lot of other readers out there, but I know blogger does include any spambots in their numbers so I know that inflates my pageviews a lot unfortunately!

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway!
Sparkless said…
Hi and Welcome. I don't get any spam comments so I'm hoping there aren't any spambots viewing but then what do I know about spambots?
Birdie said…
LOL, I get that too. Who could possibly be interested in my boring mundane life? They need to get out more.
Sparkless said…
Birdie I read your blog. But then I do need to get out more often so I guess your point is valid. LOL!

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