Stressfull Week

The son finally got in to see a mental health person after his Dr's appointment.  The woman who does the assessments is a bit of a flake though.  She tried to make his appointment for a day that we could not come in due to it being the daughter's birthday and the son had to make a presentation after school.  Because he is out of school most of this week due to exams I made the appointment for today.  This woman only works here Mondays and Fridays and only till 4pm.  I figured it worked out well because he could come see her in the day Monday.

Last Monday she phones and asks us why the son wasn't at his appointment.  I'd have said it's because it is for the following Monday but I just told her there must have been some misunderstanding and apologized even though I knew it was her mistake.  I would not have made his appointment for that Monday.  I even remember confirming the date and time because it's something I always do when I make appointments.  She also gave vague instructions about where her office is.

So we took the son to his appointment today but went to the wrong place.  We did find the right place but were a few minutes late.  Now we look like total flakes when it was really her who is the flake which makes me kind of worried about what kind of assessment  a person like that can make when she can't even seem to make a proper appointment.  She also told us that her contract was up this Friday and if they don't renew it she will call us and let us know who we need to see.  Yes this is the kind of crap small towns have to deal with.  The government hires people for contracts and makes them work all over the place.  Because our government is cheap they don't actually hire anyone they give them short term contracts so they can cut costs when they need to.  It doesn't really do much to help people who need mental health care but our government only cares about money not people.

This woman talked to the husband and I after and she wants to talk to the son some more.  She thinks he has some anxiety and maybe depression.  Well that was exactly what I told her so no big surprise there.  We just can't get the son to talk to us so we hope he'll do better talking to someone else.  We just want him to be happy and not miss out so much on all the fun experiences of life.  He just sits in his room most of the time and doesn't even want to go anywhere.

The daughter just wrote her math Provincial exam.  She struggles so much with math it breaks my heart.  She gets great marks in everything but math.  She is very close to failing math this term.  She has a passing grade right now but the Provincial exam covers the whole semesters work and is worth 20% of her grade.  Unfortunately she won't know her final grade until March so we won't know if she passed until then.  Yes, it is a stupid way to do things and we can once again thank our government for making the kids do these stupid Provincial tests.

So we have been fairly stressed dealing with teenage problems lately.   Oh, and the husband just found out today that there is a gastrointestinal outbreak at extended care where he works.  I warned him if he brings home this bug I would kill him.  We have one bathroom and 4 people so you do the math and it isn't pretty.  It's just another thing for me to worry about.    I need a long holiday but that isn't going to happen anytime soon. 

I'll have to write about the neighbours across the street soon because they have been keeping me very amused now that I have the night vision security camera.  I can't wait to put the other camera up in the back of the house so we can watch the cats outside and the alley.  There is a lot of action going on in that dark alley and soon I'll have a front row seat to see it all.  But right now I better get to bed and try to sleep.  I gave up around 1am and now it's 2:30am so I better see if I can sleep now even though I don't feel tired.  Insomnia sucks.


Mama Pea said…
So good you got your son to go to a counselor. Let's hope she (or whoever he ends up seeing) pans out and turns out to be someone he will open up and talk with. It could work wonders for you all.

Good luck staying clear of that intestinal bug. We haven't had any problems but have heard of others battling it. And it doesn't sound like fun. Must be some strong germs all over!
Good luck to your son with counseling and to your daughter with the provincial math exam! Don't get hooked on spying on the neighbours, LOL!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, every year there is a flu and an intestinal bug that those poor old people battle and the staff too because they all end up getting sick. I really hope the son can get the help he needs because as it is he won't graduate from high school because he can't/won't do his volunteer hours.

Debra I only watch the neighbours when I'm on the computer because the screen is right beside the computer. My back is to the window so I can see what is going on behind me. It's fun but not addiction kind of fun.

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