Why So Long?

I went to see my Dr. and she of course took blood.  It will take a few weeks for the blood work results.  She didn't think it was low iron because my nails looked good and I eat red meat three times a week.  So they will look for infection, thyroid and something else I can't remember.  I may have to get some check of my heart just in case too but I have to wait for them to phone me for that appointment.

If those results are good I have to go see a endocrinologist or someone to look at hormone levels.  That may mean a trip out of town because our small hospital doesn't have those kinds of specialists. 

Here's an example of how tired I am.  I sat down after supper tonight and fell asleep sitting up on the couch.  I was sleeping so soundly I didn't even hear my husband come in the front door a few feet from me.  I still can't believe I was sleeping that soundly sitting up.  I mean who dozes off sitting up unless you're 100 years old?!!

Everything seems like too much work.  I'm constantly having to sit down and rest.  Not because I'm out of breath but because I feel like I've run a marathon and everything aches.  It's like if I could only get that one night of good sleep I'd feel all better but I sleep all night and even take a nap and am still dog tired.

Thanks goodness the husband will be home for a few days because cooking the meals, doing laundry, dishes, watering the lawn, and taking out the garbage on top of all my other chores was doing me in.  Now maybe I can get caught up on all the other stuff I need to get done before the kids go back to school on Tuesday.  Hopefully I can stay awake long enough!


I hope the doctors find the cause soon so they can treat it. Hmmm, I'm gonna put my money on the thyroid. We'll see if I'm right!
tracy said…
This sounds like West nile virus. Make sure they test your blood for that as well. I hope you find some answers, its one thing to be sick in the winter but summer illness just stinks! Hope you feel better soon!
Mama Pea said…
Once you start getting some results back from the tests, it will help because then you'll have some idea what the cause of your exhaustion is. That's the pits, not having enough energy to do even the "normal" everyday things. Hang in there.

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