Summer Has Hit

It's been a long time since I last posted.  Summer has come and it is hot!  We have been seeing temps in the low to mid 30'sC all week.  The husband is at work and hasn't been home.  I haven't been able to find the fans and the a/c isn't in the kitchen window yet.  That means it is nasty hot inside the house during the day.  You don't dare turn the oven on or do anything that may generate heat.

I always have great trouble adjusting to the abrupt change in temps we get here.  It goes from cool to hot in one day.  I swell up, my skin feels like it's on fire and I can't sleep.  That makes me cranky.  There is nowhere cool to sit or lay down to take a nap to make up for the lack of sleep at night.  I wish the heat didn't bother me so much but it does and nothing I can do to change that.  I just have to survive.

I've begged the husband to move us out of the hot zone or at least insulate the house properly so we don't have to suffer so much but he says we don't have the money.  I say we can't afford not to borrow the money.  We spend more on electricity during the summer than we do heating in the winter to keep two window a/c units running.  We only have on window in the entire living room and kitchen that will fit an a/c and it's too small to make much of a dent in the heat.  We have to use fans to move the cool air around.  So it's hot, dark and noisy all summer in my house.  I'd like it to be cool, light and quiet in my house.  It could be if I could only get the husband to get off his duff and do some home improvement projects.  He thinks if you don't have the cash you don't do it.  Weird how that doesn't apply to anything he wants to buy for himself.

So I told him if he doesn't want to spend another summer listening to me whine about the heat and being really cranky all the time he should either start looking at houses to move to or get going on some renovations.  I've laid out the plan for the house we are in right now.  We could remortgage the house and borrow enough to put insulation in and some more windows and replace all the crappy windows upstairs that you can see daylight around the edges of.  It would be nice to replace the back porch door too since it doesn't close securely and you can see daylight around the outside of it too.  The husband once tried to put foam strips around the door to help seal it better but afterwards you couldn't get the door to close so he just took it off and said it can't be done.  Yup that's my husband.  He tries one thing and then gives up if it doesn't work.  He doesn't talk to people who may know how to do it right or even do research on the Internet he goes out and buys something that won't work properly and then blames the door when it doesn't work. 

I'm in need of a handy man to come to my house and fix it.  I dream of men who can fix things, I really do.  I dream of a man who can make things better not worse.  One who takes responsibility for some things and makes sure they get done properly.  That's my dream man.  Too bad I married an artsy guy who is hopeless at that kind of stuff.

I have to get off the computer because my hands are swollen from the heat.  I'm going to go soak them in cool water and then get another glass of ice water and sit down and read while it's cool enough.  By the time I can fall asleep tonight sometime after 3am the cat will wake me up to go in or out at around 4 am and then around 7 it's too hot to sleep anymore.  Give me strength!.


Mama Pea said…
I have to say that living in the area where we do (cold much of the year) and difficulties growing our own food (which is very important to us) doesn't sound too bad when I read of the environment you live in! I simply cannot take the hot, hot (long!) summers you have.

My dad was much like you describe your husband. He wasn't handy (and had no interest in being) yet wouldn't hire anyone else to make the needed improvements on our home. (Something about the male ego gone wrong in that scenario, isn't there?)

Hope your situation improves someway.
Sparkless said…
Thanks Mama Pea. It's cooled down to a more normal temp now thank goodness. I don't think I'd survive 3 months of summer temps.

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