Camping has been on my mind lately.  Most likely because my younger sister gave me our old camping box.  My dad made a box to keep our dishes, cutlery and some pots and pans in.  This was way before the days of plastic tubs.  It has sections inside that let you put your dishes in and they stay put.  We camped with plastic dishes so breakage wasn't a problem.

My dad is an metallurgic engineer.  That means he works with the smelting of metals.  And he is one of those guys who can fix anything or build anything.  When we were kids we always went camping in the summer.  These trips usually involved a long car ride for some reason.  Having 4 kids in the car can make for a very long ride.  We had a station wagon and my dad devised a board that could sit at seat level and cover the leg space so you could lay down properly and sleep or you could raise it up and put the legs on and it was like a table so you could draw, read or eat while sitting on the seat. Not at all like today where every child must be seat belted in securely.  

My dad devised many things to help out with home life.  Nothing earth shattering but always fun.  My dad and I actually made a hamster cage out of wood.  Not the best plan because the hamster could potentially chew his way to freedom and how do you clean it?  On the front of the cage was a piece of glass that you could slide up and down to get the hamster out or put food in the cage.  Unfortunately for my older sister her grip on the glass slipped and it fell on the hamster killing him.  Poor girl still is traumatized over that some 40 years later!

Shortly after the hamster death we bought a cage that was safer and easier to clean.  We filled that cage with a hamster and then got another cage and another hamster.  We loved those little guys.  We would take their cages outside to clean them and let them run around in the grass and fed them chickweed.  There were many hamsters.

But back to the camping.  I need to clean our camping kitchen box and fill it with our gear.  As soon as it's done I'll post a picture.  Once you see it you'll want to make one for yourself.  


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