Getting Old is Not for Sissies

The husband went to the Dr. finally about his foot problem.  Turns out he has gout.  Yup he got gout for his 50th birthday.  LOL!!  Sorry to laugh but it kind of seems funny to me.  He doesn't drink any alcohol or eat a lot of red meat so it's kind of unfair.  He does drink lots of coffee so he'll have to cut back on that.  He has some medication for when he has a flare-up.  The Dr. didn't really give him any information about foods to avoid.  I guess people have to look information up on the internet instead of relying on a Dr. to give it to them.  Either that or the husband is a total doofus and didn't bother to ask any questions or didn't listen to what the Dr. said. 

Our 13 year old cat needs to go to the vet but we don't have any money to pay for it so it's not going to happen.  She lost the fur on her belly and a bit on her right let.  That was in the summer sometime.  I thought it may be from some type of bug bite.  The fur never totally grew back in.  And now she has pain in her back right where her tail attaches to her back.  If you touch that spot she yowls in pain.  She has such thick fur I can't check the skin for any wounds.  I have felt around though and haven't felt anything.  I hate to keep hurting her to see if I can feel a bump or anything that would cause pain like a cyst.  The other night she was yowling in pain and laying on her back.  She scared me to death.  I had no idea what was wrong and of course it was night time so no vet would be open.  She stopped as soon as she rolled over but whatever her problem was it must have hurt.

I'll be keeping a close watch on her for the next week or so and if we need to use the credit card to take her to the vet then we will.  I keep hoping whatever the problem is it will either get better on it's own or present itself in a way that we'll know what it is instead of having to have the vet do a bunch of expensive tests just to tell us the cat has arthritis in her tail or something.

My side feels better but not 100% yet.  When I deep breath I can still feel that area pulling and hurting.  Very weird.  But it's not getting worse so it's all good.  I'm beginning to think the husband and my bedroom is cursed because the people and one cat who sleep in that room all seem to be suffering from health complaints.  On second thought all the people and one cat who sleep in that room are old so more than likely that has more to do with it than the room being cursed.  This getting old business is definitely not for sissies. 

I have to endure this Saturday night with 6 fifteen year old girls.  Then I'll have a week to recuperate before both kids are off school for two weeks for spring break.  I hate spring break.  The weather isn't nice enough to do anything outside and we don't have any money to go anywhere or do anything so it ends up being me cooped up at home with two whining teens.  I'd stock up on some vodka to keep myself sane but unfortunately I can't even afford to drink.  So expect the usual whining posts soon about having two kids in our very small house and nothing to do coming soon.

One good thing is that you can smell spring now.  The snow is all melted.  Well it did snow last night but it melted today so it doesn't count.  I really need to get out and check the gardens.  The husband left them in a real mess last fall and if we don't clean them out early it's harder to do when everything starts to grow.  Could be a chore for any teen who whines.


Erin said…
Sorry to hear about all the getting old stuff, you are so right - it ain't for sissies! I'm late checking in so I hope everything went well at the sleepover. Here, if I don't get the garden mess cleaned up in the spring it gets awful because it's too hot to get motivated!
Sparkless said…
Erin the sleep over went fine and there were no major disasters. I was sure we'd have at least one. Clean up was fast and easy too. My garden is calling me but it's been raining so I'm using that as an excuse not to get out there and start cleaning up.

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