Conversation of the Day

(please excuse all punctuation errors as my brain is mush today)

Me to husband "What are you baking?"

Husband  "Peanut butter chocolate chip squares."

Me "You know we don't have much money?  Why don't you make oatmeal chocolate chip bars or cookies.  At least it's semi healthy with the oats.  Plus you can eat the peanut butter on sandwiches when we are down to bare cupboards but no one will eat oats unless they are added to something else.  So this will save us some money and stretch the recipe to make more of whatever you make." 

Husband totally ignores me.

Me  "Did you hear me?  It makes more sense to use the oats and not the peanut butter."

Husband  "I feel like making peanut butter chocolate chip bars.  We need variety."

Me  "But we don't have much money right now for food and it would save us money....."

This is what I'm up against.  He's like his dad that when he gets something into his head no matter what you say to him, he won't change what he is doing even if it will end in disaster.  I've seen this over and over and even though this may be a small thing about the bars you should see some of the big things Stubborn Husband has made mistakes on.  He refuses to listen to anyone else ever.  I should write a book on the stupid things Stubborn Husband has done.  This is even after people have told him a better way or idea and he continues on doing it his way.  It would be pretty comical if it wasn't so sad and pitiful.

Guess what we are having for a snack this week?  I'll give you one guess.


Erin said…
Men don't have that cause & effect gene, I swear! LOL I like oatmeal better anyways :)
Sparkless said…
Erin, some days it feels like I'm swimming upstream with lead weights tied on my ankles trying to get my stubborn husband to use his brain.

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