What's for Supper Wednesday

Okay so it doesn't rhyme but that's my title and I'm sticking to it.  The husband and I made over 48 Pyrahi today.  Pyrahi is a dough wrapped around a filling and is a traditional Doukhobor food.  We made bean, pea, potato and cottage cheese.  I really wanted to make squash too but didn't have a can of pumpkin and didn't want to run to the store to get some.

We'll serve these with salad and a home made soup.  You can top them with butter and sour cream.  That's the traditional way but really you could put any topping on them you want.  They are fairly bland tasting so you would be fun to spice them up a bit or even add a bit of meat to some of them.  We'll try that next time cause this was only our second time for making these.

I'm sure the husband's mom would be appalled at how they are shaped but we just made them the way they seemed easiest.  They are supposed to be almost braided on top or something but heck that would take too long.  So now we wait while they rise and then we can bake them.  Hopefully they'll taste as good as the last time we made them.

Potato and kidney bean filling.

pea filling on the right and dough on the left.

Dry curd cottage cheese filling.

I'll post some pictures of the finished product as soon as they are done.  I just wanted to get a post in before something took over and distracted me.


Mama Pea said…
I've never heard of those little goodies . . . am eager to hear more and see more pictures.
Erin said…
are these like pierogies? I love those :) These look fantastic, and see?! You are a cook! Enjoy!
judy said…
are these the same as pierogies's? i see someone else asked that question too. they look similar,also delicious. my sister in law [ bless her [ dealing with chemo right now ] from good old nord-east mpls. use to make these and then fry up left-over's for breakfast-yummy. oh i forgot to say hi-I'm new here judy
Sparkless said…
No these are not like pierogies. The dough is a bread dough and you bake them. I believe you boil pierogies in water? Pierogies are a Ukranian dish and pyrahi is a Russian Dukhobor dish. Not that that really matters just thought it was interesting.
Erin I was the cooks helper. LOL!

Welcome Judy. Sorry to hear about your sister in law.
judy said…
thanks for the clear up on that note,but they still look yummy and thank you [ most days i feel like I'm on the brink of insanity] judy

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