Still Can't

But I'm gonna anyway.  So if this post is lame or incoherent it's cause that's how I'm feeling lately.  No I'm not going to blame the weather.  If I hear one more person complain about winter I'm going to club them!  Not really of course but it's winter people get over it.  The weather is going to do what it's going to do and you have no control over it.  I said "YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE WEATHER!"  It's like this every February like no one has experienced February before.  People whine and moan and go on and on about the snow, the rain, the sleet, the cold, you name it they'll whine about it just cause it's February.

Spring lust is in high gear in February and because everyone is looking forward to spring they forget to enjoy the last bits of winter.  Yes, I said enjoy.   It's just as nice to snuggle up with a book and hot mug of your favorite drink in February as it is in November or December.  It's just as beautiful to see that snow coating everything white.  You don't have to stay inside all the time and complain.  Put some winter clothes on and go out for a walk, the exercise will do you good.  Look around and you'll see amazing things, things of great beauty that you won't see in spring or any other season. 

So please stop whining about winter and get out there and smell the snow.... cause of course there are no roses.  Oh, but not the yellow snow, stay away from that stuff.  Pretty much stay away from any discolored snow.  Maybe just sniff the air and forget about smelling snow.  Your neighbours will think you're nuts smelling snow anyway so best to just sniff the air.   Get out there and sniff that cool crisp winter air.


Erin said…
LMAO! I LOVE this post! I wish I could describe the look I get from people down south here when I tell them I'm from Minnesota, well, I'm sure you can imagine. They always say things like "how could you LIVE there?".... yeah, I always feel like telling them it's a big cold conspiracy to keep the whiners out :) I say hell yes, winter's okay - it's the time of year for reading, new hobbies, cooking and just being under a cozy blanket!
Mama Pea said…
Yay! Three cheers for this post! I agree whole-heartedly! I love winter. Geez, like it's the only season when I have half an excuse for staying inside and getting work done INSIDE the house instead of everything that needs to be done outside while nobody is inside taking care of things. Plus I get some down time in the winter. Love it, love it, love it! (I know. Crazy people like me belong in Minnesota, right?)
Sparkless said…
LOL! I knew you two would understand. I love winter and all the other seasons. I love having 4 distinct seasons, it keeps me from getting bored. Well actually that's not true, I don't like summer if it's really hot. You can only take off so many clothes and you're still hot! Winter you can just bundle up and you're not cold anymore.

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