Peace and Quiet Gone

At least for my afternoon my peace and quiet is gone.  The son came home with a couple of friends.  Seems like they didn't want to go swimming for PE.  The pool is walking distance from the school and our house is between the two.  They usually schedule swimming when PE is at the end of the day so the kids can leave early from lunch.  The boys keep telling me the teacher doesn't care if they aren't there or not but it's skipping out of a class and I'm having a hard time with it.  Not to mention I have three 14 year old boys in my house when I was expecting a quiet afternoon.  Since the son got an 'A' in PE I am going to be a cool mom and overlook this for now.

If I see that he's missing any other classes he's gonna be in big trouble though and he knows it.  Skipping classes is a slippery slope.  Once you skip one it gets easier and easier to skip others.  I know cause I've done it myself when I was in school but I always kept my marks up so my mom didn't care.  Sometimes kids just need some time off too.

I better go find some snacks for these ravenous boys or they may end up eating the coffee table!


Erin said…
I have 3 boys in here too! I just went grocery shopping today and they noticed, ugh! Came home from school and Loch says to his friend "oh SWEET - mom went shopping"! I should have hidden half of it!
Mama Pea said…
Three 14-year old boys to feed??! That sounds really dangerous to your food budget. Popcorn isn't too expensive. Make them LOTS of popcorn! (And grit your teeth and be glad your son is comfortable in bringing his friends to his house. They could be somewhere else that wouldn't be as . . . environmentally wise!) At least he's not "hiding" the fact that he's skipping class!

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