I'm Back

Sorry to have been gone so long.  I've been helping my mom out.  She's having pain in her hip because she needs a hip replacement.  Hopefully they'll be able to do it soon because her quality of life is really going downhill.  She can barely get around and doing housework in their big house is near impossible.  Of course my dad is there but he fell down a bank in Mexico and hurt both his ribs and leg so he's a bit gimped up too right now.  So they needed some TLC and I went up to help them out.

I'm not used to cleaning such a big house so by the end of the day I was tired and had no energy for posting.  I know I'm a whimp.   Most of you do that and more each day.  I just didn't feel like posting by the end of the day.  I still got to read posts and reply at my parents house during the day but by the time I got home and had my own family to deal with I was done.

Most of the spring cleaning is finished up at my parents house so now I can concentrate on my own home again.  It's in dire need of a good clean or a match.

There's still snow on the ground here so thinking of gardening is still a bit premature but because everyone else is so excited it rubbed off on me.  Now I've figured out what I'm planting but it will be a long time yet. 

The kids get Monday off this week for teacher's professional development day.  Grrr!  These kids don't go an entire month without a holiday or day off.  Add to that a two week spring break in March and I don't know how they learn anything cause they're never in school.  I'm dreading spring break again cause the weather isn't nice and we don't have any money to take a trip anywhere or do anything fun so I end up trying to amuse them in our very small house.  They aren't so little anymore and aren't as easily amused.  It ends up being lots of video games for the son but I'm really trying to get him off those things.  He's almost 15 year old 6ft 2inch tall boy though so it's a bit hard for me to make him do anything. 

I've been attempting to remember how to play guitar and all I can say is that it hurts to type now cause my left hand fingertips are swollen.  I forgot about that part.  You have to build up some good calluses on the ends of your fingers and that takes some painful time. 

I don't have much to say right now.  I'm going through a quiet phase of life but I'm sure that I'll find my voice again soon and more than likely it will be a rant about something or other.  You'll be the first to hear all about it.  Lucky you!  hee hee


Mama Pea said…
Hey, good to have you back again! Sounds like you had a really big job to do helping out at your folks'. You'll probably need some time to get back into your own routine now. But sometimes time away from home gives us new eyes to look at our own physical environment . . . and that's not always a bad thing!

Welcome home!
Erin said…
I don't know how I would clean a large house, either! I have quite a system down, but we live in such a small house that it works. We all have ups and downs, I'm sure you'll find your voice again soon and dream up some new way to get your kids involved again - I agree, I hate those darn video games!

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