Finally Some Snow

It's coming down in big fluffy flakes out there tonight.  Looks to be a couple of inches already.  My daughter said she felt 100% better tonight after coming down with her stomach bug just before Christmas.  The husband and I have a cold now, we got it from the son who gave it to all of us.  The husband seems the worst though.  He says his chest is really sore.  Most likely from all those years of heavy smoking.  He hasn't smoked for 20 years but when he did smoke he was a 3 pack a day guy.  Smoked so much his fingers were stained yellow.  Nasty habit that.

The tree is still up.  I used to like to take it down on New Years Day so that we had decorations up for New Years Eve.  Ever since we had kids we haven't had people over or gone out on New Years Eve so not really any reason to keep the tree up.  In the last couple of years the husband took the tree down himself a day or two after Christmas.  That was fine with me but his packing away of delicate keepsakes left a lot to be desired.  Many boxes went missing and things were not packed well at all meaning that he ended up having to find more boxes for the decorations.  That lead to a box going missing that I just found this year!  I was so happy to find some of the decorations that were made for me by loved ones.  I hated to have them come over and not see their hard work displayed.  So this year I will be helping with taking down the tree because packing is not the husbands strongest skill.

I hope it keeps snowing because even though we have snow there isn't enough to enjoy it.  The kids can go sledding tomorrow if it keeps snowing like this all night.  They'll finally get some use out of their gloves and snow pants.

We lucked out on Boxing Day when the In-Laws were supposed to come over.  It snowed a bit over night and they decided they didn't want to drive in the snow.  It warmed up and the snow melted fast so they could have come.  They are old and wimpy drivers which suits me fine.  They aren't the nicest people so I'm happy I didn't have to play nice with them on Boxing day.  I got to sleep in and rest instead.  :)  A perfect Boxing Day.

Because the daughter was feeling under the weather we had a pretty quiet Christmas Day.  We did go up to my parents house for Christmas supper but it's only a 10 min drive to get there.  So next on the agenda is New Years Eve.  I've always wanted to dress up and go out.  I used to do that when I was in my 20's but haven't done that in years, way too long.  My daughter has a sleep over planned New Years Eve because it's one of her friend's actual birthdays.  The husband is actually off New Years Day but he'll be in bed before midnight.  The son will be home but unless you are a video game you don't exist in his world.  I'll have to plan something good for myself.  Maybe I'll watch a bunch of movies and sip on some wonderful drink.  Or maybe I'll play loud music and dance around by myself all night.  Nope, won't do that cause it will wake everyone up in the house.  I could just listen to loud music with head phones on instead.

What are your plans for New Years Eve?  Do you go out, stay home, or go to bed before midnight?


Erin said…
This was the first year in many that we stayed up! Usually we start out with the best intentions, but put a movie in, have a glass of wine and it's pretty much waking up to head from the couch to bed AFTER the ball has dropped LOL!
Sparkless said…
I always stay up for New Years but I've been on my own for years now. The kids did it once and figured out it was not that exciting so they go to bed. Now if they were with their friends they'd stay up but hanging out with mom is boring I guess. LOL

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