Well, okay then

I just received my second apology this week.  Seems when I was mouthing off I was actually in the right and these people were over the line.  Now I don't feel so bad for going off on these people even though I wasn't intending to.  I guess I was angry and upset with them and was trying to ignore that.  Usually I just let that kind of thing slide and sooner or later I'm not angry or upset.  If something continues to bug me I'll do something about it in a less confrontational way but this past week I just went off on people and it kind of scared me.  I felt like my mouth was doing stuff without consulting my brain first and I didn't like that at all.

Of course I accepted the apologies and am moving along, not going to hold a grudge, why waste my life doing that?  I'm good at not holding grudges, it's one of my best qualities, being able to forgive.

Now excuse me while I have a chat with my mouth.  I'm threatening it with the duct tape if we have a repeat of last week. 


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