Weekends Are For Weenies

Another weekend is almost under my belt.  I've spent most of my life as a mother on my own every weekend with the kids.  At first it wasn't so bad but after 14 years of it I need a break.  I think I'll leave the kids on their own and go out shopping tomorrow.  Unfortunately what I'll be shopping for is supper.  I have to make supper, the most dreaded chore on my list.  I'm not sure when I started to hate to cook meals but most likely sometime when I became a mom.  Try to cook anything with a screaming baby or whining toddler or both isn't my idea of fun.  And on top of that my daughter is the most picky eater on the planet.  So it's not like I can just toss any old meal together.  I have to make something she will eat.  I'm too tired for that.  I want to throw a sandwich in my own mouth and be done with the whole thing.  Eating has never been high on my priority list. And yes, I'm aware that it should be.

So We've done hot dogs and spaghetti now what?  I'm loath to turn the oven on when it's so hot.  The house will only heat up more and make it that much harder for me to sleep.  This is not something I need right now.  If I had more money I just buy take out for us.  It would be so nice to whack some tuna on a salad and call that supper.  Or even salmon now that would be good.  Too bad my stupid husband has convinced the kids that eating fish is icky.  That's what he told them because he doesn't like fish.  What a knot head!  No wonder he's so stupid, he never ate any fish.  

It's hot, I'm tired, bone tired.  I could sleep for a week.  I wonder if the kids would notice if I just stayed in bed all day tomorrow?  I'm sure as soon as they needed something, which is almost constantly even at their ages, they'd be yelling for me which would make attempting to sleep in next to impossible.

If I had the slightest bit of energy I'd take them somewhere.  But the heat takes it out of me so much.  I'm just not good with too much sun.  So I guess I'll try to get my chores done tomorrow and not whine too much about the oppressive heat.


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