Sucky Sunday

Well I guess 'sucky' is a bit too strong a word but it rhymed with Sunday.  It's been hot and sunny until now.  There is an actual breeze out there and now the clouds have rolled in so it's not as hot this evening.  Maybe we'll get a bit of a storm.  I love a good storm.

We put he air conditioner in the kitchen window and now we're back to looking at this!  The neighbours are hanging out their laundry again, only about 4 ft from out window.  I just wish they would hang their undies somewhere away from our window.  This is definitely not what I like to see first thing in the morning.  They hung sheets up there today and the wind was blowing the sheets right up against the air conditioner.  I was worried the sheets may be sucked into the unit but so far this hasn't happened.

So far today I've gone grocery shopping with my daughter and she bought a new bathing suit.  We bought stuff to make subs for supper and salad.  The son was supposed to invite his friend for supper but he wasn't allowed to come.  Not sure what is wrong with us but he invites my son over all the time but never comes over here.  I'm going to have to start telling my son that he can't go over there unless this boy comes over here sometimes too. 

Well I'm off to make sure the son watered the flowers properly or they'll be dead and the husband will blame me for it. 


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