On the Brink

I am sooooo ready to quit that stupid board that I'm on.  I had worked really hard on this one project to get it ready for next fall.  I don't have time to implement the project so had asked for someone else to take it on.  Of course Fat Hitler (used to be little Hitler) says she can do it.  Well she takes it over and changes everything that she told me to do in the first place.  Why tell someone to do something and then change it all?  This woman needs serious mental health!  She weighs about 400 lbs (I'm not exaggerating either) and doesn't have a job because no one can stand her long enough.  In the 4 years I've been on this board this woman has gone through almost as many jobs.  She couldn't even work at WalMart for goodness sakes!

And the head coach is a head case.  He constantly tells people lies.  Not sure why he thinks this is okay to do but I'm done with it.  I am going to calm down and then figure out a way to tender my resignation at the AGM.  I don't want to make it seem like I'm leaving all mad at everyone cause I'm not.  I just can't stand all the lies and crap that is going on.  I've had enough of it.

Fat Hitler and her head case Head Coach can steal from the club all on their own without my help.  I have no evidence that these two are stealing money from the club but there is so little accountability that it's scary.  Why oh why did I ever get involved with this group and why have I felt like I had to stay this long?  It's a guilt thing.

And why the heck does the stupid enter key not work on here?  Every time I try to double space it won't work?  Grrrr!  Just another thing trying to piss me off.  Do you ever just feel like laying down and not getting up?  That's what I feel like today.  I'm sick of everybody and everything.  Well except this blog of course and all my imaginary readers.

I sometimes imagine what my readers are thinking of me when they read this.  Most likely they think I'm a depressed nasty piece of work and believe me I'm beginning to believe it myself.  I used to think of myself as a wonderful person, a person who was a loyal friend, good company, liked by others and fun to be around.  Now I bore even myself!

Maybe what I need is a new life.  Yup that would help change my attitude.  Now how does one go about getting a new life?  Do you run away from you old one hoping it won't follow you?  Naw, that won't work I've got kids.  Maybe I could shave my head and wear weird clothes and talk in rhymes?  Naw, I'd scare everyone away then.  I could start doing drugs or drinking?  Naw, too expensive and who needs a hangover?  Maybe I could have an affair?  Ewwwwwww!  I can't even imagine being with someone else after all these years.   How about get a crap job and whine about that instead of how crappy the board I'm on is.  Naw, that would only make things worse.

Ohhh I just thought of something!  I'll go back to school and learn something interesting!  Yes, that's what I'll do.  I have a University Degree so I'm not stupid and I do love learning new things.  I'm not afraid of hard work or long nights.  Too bad there are no schools here so that means we'd have to move or I'd have to leave my family and go to school.  Not sure I can afford either option.  But it does sound like the best option so far.

Wish me luck in finding a way to go back to school that I can actually do and afford.  The money part is going to be the big stumbling block to this plan.  So I've bought my lottery ticket for the Lotto Max on Friday and am in for the big 50 million jackpot.  If I win that I'm set!  LOL!


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