Just to Clear Things Up

I heard some women today talking about menopause.  They looked to be mostly in their 40's or late 30's.  I'm not sure why women can't seem to get this information straight.  So just in case there is a female reader out there here's the info.

When your period stops for a year you are said to be in menopause.  If you are having a period you aren't going into menopause or beginning menopause.  The lead up to menopause is called perimenopause not starting menopause.

Just wanted to make that clear.


Kate said…
I suppose we never really get taught about this stuff anf it would proably be kind of embarrassing for people to admit they don;t know. Luckily I have a few years left :)

Kate xx
Sparkless said…
I have a few years yet, still in perimenopause. It's puberty backwards, lots of fun, NOT!

I don't know why when I hear women say they are starting menopause and mean perimenopause it bothers me. Probably the same reason it bothers me when women call their vulvas a vagina. Lets at least get the right names of our parts ladies.

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