I Can't Take It Anymore

That's how I feel today.  The kitten won't let me sleep at night.  I don't have a wall or door in my room so I can't just shut him out.  My husband in his infinite stupidity has left a sheet for a wall for going on three years now.  Yes, I am a patient woman and have waited for him to get off his rear end and fix this problem but he hasn't.  I am always the one paying the price for his stupidity.  He goes to bed at 10pm and of course the stupid cat stays downstairs with me until I go to bed so he never bothers the husband.  The kids both have doors on their bedrooms and wisely close them.  When I go to bed the kitten decides it's a great time to have a big old poop in his litter box.  Did I tell you his litter box is only about 10 feet from my bed?  No, well it is.

We do not have a basement in this stupid house and there is no where to put a cat box.  We have it under this table and have enclosed underneath it in an attempt to keep the stink there.  Unfortunately it hasn't worked.  Well, actually it did seem to work for our other cat.  The litter box didn't smell so badly at all.  I don't know why one little kitten's pee and poop should smell so badly.  Even when we scoop the cat box it still smells like cat pee.  If the kitten is peeing somewhere other than the cat box I have yet to find it.  I've asked the husband to move the futon and check underneath but Sir Stupid has not bothered.  He has no sense of smell so why would he care if his bedroom stinks like a cat box? 

I'm getting a bit desperate.  I'm not getting any sleep and it's been broken up either by a kitten in my room playing with stuff and making noise or the nasty smell of cat poop and pee.  There is nothing at this point I can do about either and it's making me crazy.  I feel like running away from home, really I do.


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