Doorways and Magic Places

I love this picture.  My husband took it of an old highway tunnel.  The highway is no longer used but the tunnel remains and the old highway is used as a hiking trail now.  If you could see off to the left you'd see a beautiful lake. 

We always yell and shout when we go through this tunnel trying to hear the echo.  Such simple pleasures.

Here's my kids as they walked through the tunnel.  I used to tell them it was a magic tunnel and when they came out the other side they would be in a magic place.  They never believed me even though I knew it was true.

Doesn't this look like a magic place?  I think so too.

The wildlife is pretty cute too.


Capital Mom said…
That is awesome. It looked so small until the kids were walking through it.
Sparkless said…
Yes, it does look small but it used to be a two lane highway going through there. Hard to imagine now.

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