Crash Boom!

I've been very busy the last couple of weeks.  The board that I'm on is gearing up for it's AGM.  I've managed to unload much of the work I've been doing for this board onto other board members, board members who aren't really doing much of anything.  It's high time some of those lazy people step up and do more.  I so wish I'd resigned this year but I thought that Little Hitler was going to be gone.  She of course is not going and will be even more active on the board.  So I'm not going to do much.  I had worked hard to set up several things for the next season.  I asked people if they could take them over because I wouldn't have the time to do them as I was going to be working.  So Little H just takes over and neglects to tell me she was doing it.  This woman is such a lier.  I will also no longer be a signer of cheques.  Little H expects people to sign their name on blank cheques.  So someone else can deal with her, I'm done with that crap.

My mom and I took my daughter to a meet out of town this past weekend.  It would have been great except for my 69 year old mom tripped and broke her baby finger.  If I lived in the US I'd sue the heck out of the place because she tripped on a lip between some bricks and concrete.  The bricks had settled and there was about an inch and a half lip up to the concrete right in the entrance.  I'm sure she wasn't the only person who had taken a spill on that dangerous spot.  So I was stuck.  Do I take my mom to the hospital and leave my daughter unattended or take my daughter out of the meet?  I asked for an ambulance but one of the first aide attendants said she could drive my mom to the hospital.

So I'm sitting in the stands watching my daughter worried sick about my mom.  She took a hard fall and hit her cheek too.  I was worried that she may have had more extensive injuries.  Plus I didn't bring my cell phone because I figured my mom would have hers so I wouldn't need mine.  So my mom gives me her phone so she can call me from the hospital when she's done there.  I tried to call my dad to tell him about mom but the cell phone didn't seem to work properly.  So I phoned my husband and could barely hear him.  Mom's cell phone sucks!  I'm worried I won't get her call from the hospital now.  I'm almost in tears sitting in the stands all alone.

I'm trying to video my daughter and pay attention to what is going on but I'm sick with worry.  I'm going to have to find my mom's car and drive down to the hospital to pick her up.  I don't even know where she parked the car or where the hospital is.  Plus I've never driven her car before.  So I'm going to have to drive a strange car in a busy strange city. I'm so not looking forward to that.  I live in a very small town, less than 10,000 people and we don't have traffic.  To go to a large city and drive when you aren't sure where you are going is a bit overwhelming.

I get a call but can't hear anything so I grab all my stuff and run outside hoping the phone will work better out there.  I can barely hear my mom.  She has a badly broken baby finger on her right hand.  She'll need to see a plastic surgeon to fix the finger when she gets home.  She's okay other wise.   

I had to drive the 5 hour drive to get home which was okay because at least my mom knew where we were going.  Mom even insisted we stop and shop in Costco before we go home.  She said her hand was still frozen and she couldn't feel anything.

So now I'm just left with the feeling of guilt over my mom's finger.  If I didn't ask her to come with us she wouldn't have got hurt.  Now she'll not be able to golf or do a lot of things this summer.  If the surgeon can't get to her very soon her finger will heal improperly and have to be broken again to fix it which will mean another 6 weeks of healing time.

Some days you can't win for trying.  I just hope we can avoid any more disasters for awhile because I can't take any more of them.


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