Wonderful Choices

This is a whine free post so read away with a smile on your face.  The husband and I finally got our money from our retirement fund.  We went right to work spending that money as it was the Friday before our 20th anniversary and we had planned to go for lunch and look for a ring for me and possibly a new ring for the husband.  I ended up with a very simple single diamond of .33 carat size.  I can't believe how expensive diamond rings are now!  I figured I could get a much bigger diamond for what we wanted to spend but in the end we spent less and I'm okay with that.  I've waited 20 years for that engagement ring and I earned every carat of it.

The husband couldn't find a new band that he liked so he said.  I think it was really that he still likes his old band and was too cheap to get a new one.  Fine so we had his old band engraved.  I also got my old wedding band resized so I can wear it even though it doesn't really fit with the new diamond ring.

After that we went to lunch and enjoyed ourselves.  It was a great day and felt wonderful to have our money finally so we could make plans.  The plans had not taken into consideration that the husband felt ripped off cause he didn't get anything for his anniversary.  Like me giving him two kids wasn't enough!  So I agreed, wonderful woman that I am, and off he went to look at electric guitars.  He as one electric guitar but it's a real crappy one and he really does play it alot so it's not like he just wanted a new toy it was something he has been using regularly.  I stressed to him that he wasn't just to run out and buy anything that he was to try them out and weigh the pros and cons of each.  If he wasn't sure then he was to come home and think about it.  You see my husband is a huge impulse shopper.  He'll run out and buy anything just cause that's what he wants.  He doesn't shop around or price compare he just charges into a store and buys the least expensive whatever. 

So I was rather worried he was going to come home with either another crappy guitar or one we really couldn't afford.  Finally he came home carrying a new guitar, well new to him anyway.  Turns out the music store didn't have the guitar that he had liked anymore nor anything else he wanted.  So he ran down to the local Pawn shop and found a great deal on a fantastic guitar for $100 and it even came with a case.  He cleaned it up and put some new strings on it and he says he loves it. 

But that puts us back to he only got $100 for his gift and mine cost much more.  So we had been looking at new computers for a long time.  This one is almost out of memory and the RAM is sorely lacking.  Our screen is one of those huge old ones and our tower fans sound like planes taking off.  We decided to buy a new computer from WalMart.  It's an HP and much better specs than the one we are running now.  So we have to figure out how to transfer all the info from one computer to the other.  My head hurts just thinking about it so we may just take both towers into somewhere and have the professionals do it so that we don't have to spend weeks of our lives doing it ourselves and possibly messing up the new computer.

So if I go missing for a long time, say a week or more I'm probably lost in computer hell trying to get my new computer to work.  Hopefully this will not be the case but from past experience I've found nothing is ever as easy as you hope for with computers.

Oh and I forgot!  The husband got me a dozen roses.  They are beautiful and as soon as I can I'll post a picture of them.  He has never bought me a dozen roses before nor did he even buy me flowers when we got married.  He didn't even buy me a gift when we got married.  We didn't have a church wedding we got married by a Marriage Commissioner (Justice of the Peace kind of person).  So now he can put all that guilt to rest and I can stop yearning for a ring and a dozen roses.  I've btdt (been there, done that).

Next is paint for the outside of the house and flooring for the hallway and bathroom.  We are toying with the idea of changing the bathroom vanity.  We also need a new tub surround.  I'm not going to do tiles cause there is no way on earth I'm cleaning grout.  I hate grout lines in tiles and how they always end up looking dirty over time and need so much work.  We'll just get an inexpensive shower surround kit and put it in ourselves.  Of course we need new taps, toilet and maybe the help of a plumber.  But we need to decide if we are going to move the toilet drain because the drain that we have now will not fit most of the new toilets.  That means we'll call a plumber to move the drain but we need to get an estimate and maybe one for doing the taps and other stuff too.  If the estimate is affordable we'll have the plumber do as much of the work as we can.  If it's too expensive then I'll have to do the work myself because my husband can not do plumbing and we only have one bathroom so the work needs to get done quickly. 

And the best part will be after we renovate the master bedroom that our son is in now.  The son will move upstairs into what we are currently in and we'll move into the new master bedroom.  We have to rip out the old plaster walls and window.  Then put in a new window, rewire, put in a light, insulate, drywall and paint.  No that's not the good part.  The good part is we will buy a brand new bed and dressers for us!  We've been sleeping on a futon, yes I said FUTON.  It's old, lumpy and it makes my back hurt.  I can't believe I'll have a bedroom with a normal bed and a closet for my clothes.  Right now we sleep in an attic bedroom that you can only stand up in the middle of the room.  We have no wall or door just a couple of sheets for privacy.  The daughter has the room across from us and has a wall and door but when you come upstairs to the left is our room and to the right is the daughter's room.  I'm not sure why the people who owned the house before us didn't finish the bedrooms and put up a wall and door but it may have something to do with light, windows, or something else we haven't figured out yet.  Either way we are putting up a wall and door and the son can smack his head on the ceiling for a few years now.  I don't have to lurch up and down those horrible attic stairs anymore.  I'll get to easily go to the bathroom at night should I so need to.

I'm getting all excited just thinking about having a normal bedroom.  And it's Mother's Day on Sunday so I usually ask for some beautiful flowers from the kids and have them plant them in the front garden for me.  And if after all that there is any money left over we'll put up a privacy fence in the back yard.  It's something we've really wanted to do ever since we moved here but those dang fences cost a fortune.

So tonight I'm counting my blessings and not whining.  Live is good and full of wonderful choices to make.


Capital Mom said…
That sounds like a good way to celebrate.

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