I Wonder

Some days I wonder what is in other people's minds.  Like today for example.  I'm trying to get stuff done for this stupid board I'm on.  I e-mail stuff out to people and pretty much get no reply.  So I do a bunch more stuff and send it out.  I'm so tired of this bunch of people.  They have no idea how to work well with others.  They figure if they don't bother with it someone else will.  My work ethic is too strong to do that.  If it reflects badly on one it reflects badly on all of us.

And then there are the people who are so important that they are "too busy" to help with anything.  What they are really saying is that whatever needs to get done is not one of their priorities so they make an excuse and the excuse everyone uses now is being "too busy."  I'm sure there are some people who are "too busy" and they can't fit one more thing on their plates.  But what most people do is spend way too much time in front of their tv or computer screens instead of volunteering and working at something useful.  Or even relaxing somewhere healthy like at a beach or in their back yard with their family.  Going for bike rides or walks would be another great thing to do.  Instead we fill our days with stuff that doesn't improve our quality of lives and makes us neglect our obligations to family and friends with the "I'm so busy" mantra.

When you volunteer to be on a board you have an obligation to do what you said you'd do.  If you don't it reflects badly on you.  Think of all the people who see that you don't take your obligations seriously.  I'm not sure why they would think this is a good thing to do.   I am basically dealing with a bunch of people who think it's okay to ignore their obligation that they volunteered to do.  No one forced these people to volunteer. 

So I'm rather frustrated with any lack of communication from these people.  They seem to think it's okay to dump stuff on other people just because they are "so busy."  I'm not going to get any more of this stuff dumped on me.  I am now officially "too busy" to do anything extra.  I will no longer pick up the slack of any more of these people. 


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