Favorite Blogs

Many of the bloggers I follow seem to be suffering burn out and aren't posting as much now.  This leads me on the quest to find new active blogs to read.  I just want to find something entertaining to read.  It doesn't have to be humour but a bit is always good.

So if anyone has a favorite blog they want to suggest please post it in the comments section and I'll be eternally grateful. 


MarmiteToasty said…
I aint burnt out, life just got in the way lol..... I was hoping to blob today but ended up with 10 round for a BBQ and now its almost bedtime..... but hopefully tomorrow I will blob, I need to get back to it, I miss it so much..

Sparkless said…
Oh I can barely wait to hear what you have been up to Marmite! I always get a smile from your writing. I hope you had a fantastic BBQ.

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