Recycling I Like

My younger sister is purse obsessed. She doesn't buy all those expensive designer purses but shops at thrift stores and other sales for purses. I have no idea what the appeal of purses is for her but I assume it's similar to a shoe obsession that so many women have. Every time I see her she has another purse.

Last night she was visiting for my daughter's birthday and had to share her new find. These purses are made out of recycled seat belts. At first I thought they would look horrible but after checking out the web site and seeing them I can say they are pretty cool looking. And I'm sure they'll last a long time being made out of sturdy seat belts.

I don't get anything for telling about these nor am I a relative of anyone at this company. I just like their product, thought it was innovative so I'm sharing the website with my many readers. Er, that is three readers.

Check them out for yourself at:


MarmiteToasty said…
Did you count me in your 3 readers lol or do I make 4 :)

Its funny how you doodles call handbags 'purses' a purse here is what we put our money in, which in turn we put in our handbags LOL

Sparkless said…
Yes we call handbags purses and what we put our money in we call a wallet. Sometimes we will call a purse a bag or a handbag though but that's mostly what the older ladies who do that.

What I want to know is why the heck do you call a sweater a jumper? I'm facinated about where these terms have come from.
Sparkless said…
And of course I count you in one of my readers Marmite! Maybe I do have 4 followers!

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